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After like 2 yrs, I went back to check what's new in LoL. Nothing serious, client still crashes if I try to Alt+Tab on loading screen. But they have TFT, yesterday and today I tried it and it's weird and good. I like it. For the first time it was like, ok not bad, interesting logic but meh. On my 11th match, I ended up with a group where it was really interesting and I really enjoyed every single turn.

(it's like 0.0001% change they are on Mastodon, but thank you Taskuhirvi and hodude, it's was fun)

This sounds awesome

I think I have something to play with in the next few weeks ;)

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@selea Use a different schema? :P (obvious :colorscheme is mandatory for a real editor)

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I'm so excited, today we had THE local government elections (mayors for cities/districts). 74,40% of the votes are already processed and it seems a lot of important districts and a lot of cities and Budapest (capital city) is not on the side of our government. It can be a huge icebreaker for the last 12ish yrs of Semi-dictatorial system. That can even give a fair chance for the next Presidential Election bcos they can't use cities for their own good.

This year I'm very bad at I'm just simply lazy and not motivated to do more coding than required :(

Hopefully I can catch up soon

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@xabi If you have any questions, feel free to ask ;) I'm always happy to help others putting their feet on dev paths. (even if it's a language specific technical question, i know a shit ton of them).

@xabi Both frontend and backend requires the "chosen language" but on backend it's more important to know the language well.

@xabi You have basically three choices on web-dev:
- Frontend: HTML + CSS + JavaScript -> learn at least one JavaScipt lib (framework) like React, Vue, Angular, etc
- Backend: Chosen language (above). Here you will face HTML way less, most likely never, but that's not how the marker works
- FullStack: you know both Frontend and Backend

@xabi If you ask it like 2yrs ago would say go with PHP,it has very big market-capacity. today I would say the same as @snder, pick one:
PHP,Ruby,Python. Go is also on a big rise now (at least I receive a few offer), but it's mostly HTML-less only API jobs. Maybe PHP is the easiest to get a job, with Ruby you can get a bit higher salary but harder to get a job, Python is maybe a bit more salary but a bit more harder. With Go it's the hardest I think but maybe you can get the highest pay. [cont]

Last night, my dream was in a very interesting format... It was kinda Scott Pilgrim style and I did not even realize that until the very end when I recognized I went through 6 of my arch-enemies in my life already (for example Smoking, not accepting myself as I am). It was a huge trip and I did not expect that at all. I learned a lot from this dream. Other than enemies, all the "cuts", the storytelling, "NPCs", locations were so random, but viewing the whole picture it was a Scott Pilgrim style.

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