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"The redesigned @protonmail is now undergoing beta testing, and we also plan to put into beta testing before the end of the year as we gear up for the public launch of Version 4.0. We also expect to arrive later in 2020. Look out for more updates about this in the coming months! "

wooo ProtonCalendar is here soon... It is just so hard to wait... And ProtonDrive in 2020 \o/ weeeeee

@eightbitsamurai I just don't get it why is it something that's important to mention... I mean, whatever I say in fc chat, it's kinda cannot be validated and no one will really question it. And I don't really see the case when I join a community and start announcing it "Hey EVERYONE I'm a XXXXXXXX".... Let them call you whatever you want.

(disclaimer: I have no problem with communities advertising themselves as lmbtq+ friendly, just hard to see why for me)

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"If you don't talk to you kids about quantum computing...
someone else will."

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"I suffered so you should too", or: the Boomer Trolley Problem

“When asked, I would give people my opinion that maintainable code is more important than clever code,” he said. “If I encountered clever code that was particularly cryptic, and I had to do some maintenance on it, I would probably rewrite it. So I led by example, and also by talking to other people.”

For a long time I did not play , no real reasons, just left. Coming back, now for a few days or a week maybe. Playing my 2nd pvp match (it was an aram, i feel less compunction if I mess up other's game) and I got a nice S+ rating (wtf)

Ok, so got a chest, yey... And ofc I got a skin I already have :/ whatever

@snder Maybe it's not out there, I tried to find any Release Note on it, but I found only Windows Insider (Alpha + Beta) resources and a few publications about the announcement of the changes (from Dec 2018) and one of them mentioned no release date yet, but most likely it's second half of 2019. So maybe it's still a shitty Edge, and it's not a less-shitty chrome variant.

@snder Microsoft has Blink and V8 in Edge now (as I know). I'm still using Firefox to break the logic.... and try to prevent Chrome to be the next IE6 where everyone optimizing their sites to Chrome only and getting total monopoly.

on my journey, I triumphed my first gold medal. It was an awesome (i hate) randomness... Basically I won a match if my Lucian attacked their Katarina (for stun and mana-rect), if not, my glorious opponent was the winner of a given fight. Anyway, I'm happy about it ;)

Note: Did not expect that launching the client after 2yrs of ignorance, I can enjoy something in there :rainbowthink:​ ( <<< and this is still my no1 fav emote XD)

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asking for $ help 

I feel like garbage for asking, but none of my job applications have paid off yet and I could use some funds to get me through the next couple weeks.

Thank you 💜 for contributing and for boosting

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We're looking for a Shadow Simulation Developer to help us develop cutting-edge network simulation / emulation software. Should have expertise in parallel program design and development. #developer #job

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