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Elekk now has a Discord server, for announcements and general chat! Elekk users are welcome to join:

Hello @pixelfed is it possible that my account disappeared from the system? I did not find any public post (or I'm blind), but I'm not able to log in, I can't reset my password and m user profile page is 404. Thanks ;)

GitHub-less source: basically I do my changes here and later mirror it to GitHub.

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If you are like me and buy everything even if you don't need them and HumbleBundle is not an expection, then here is a tool to archive your books from there into an s3 compatible service like AWS S3, Wasabi, or whatever you use.

Why I use this? Bcos
- that way I can share a given book with someone with "presign" urls which will expire in a given time
- I can make my own tool to find the right book collection in no time without HB


Brexit Drupal Module

- Whether you are a British PM or an EU negotiator, you will love be able to submit “No” on any form.
- Provides coffee() as an alternative for t(), as t() shortage may occur after Brexit.

- Restrict the free movement of users between sites.
- In combination with VotingAPI module, allow voting 3 times for everything.
- Other users can veto UK users when they try to log out.

And many others ;)

I'll just share this because I think it's important and maybe someone find this while they are in need. ;)

So just take this

> Take This works to decrease the stigma, and increase the support for, mental health in the game enthusiast community and inside the game industry.

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Announcement: will be down for a few days! I am going to move the server to a cheaper hosting provider.

Go 2018 Survey Results

Interesting: The most common uses for Go remain API/RPC services and CLI tools. Automation tasks, while not as common as CLI tools and API services, are a fast-growing area for Go.

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I think some people may not know that Google does Man In The Middle shit by default in mobile Chrome? They basically download everything to their servers and then send "optimized" to the client. SSL? HTTPS? Forget it.

There was an opt-out header which website owner could set but they're removing it.

This company doesn't know what privacy is. Or security.


A while back I an­swered a ques­tion on Quora: Can peo­ple ac­tu­al­ly keep up with note-​taking in Math­e­mat­ics lec­tures with LaTeX. There, I ex­plained my work­flow of tak­ing lec­ture notes in LaTeX using Vim and how I draw fig­ures in Inkscape. How­ev­er, a lot has changed since then and I’d like to write a few blog posts ex­plain­ing my work­flow.

By Gilles Castel

Random IT fact: Did you know MySQL will betray you if you want to create a table in a transaction and because something went wrong you want to call a rollback? Postgres does not betray you.

Usually I have nothing to share so I decided to share random Tips&Tricks, facts or WTF things (most likely Postgres, vim and python, but everything else can be expected)

I'll sign all of them with "Happy Coding with Efertone" so you will know it's from me ;)

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All around the world... Our Government was able to pick one specific image for Pro Family promotion campaign (from like 1billion other options)

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