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Contra 4ever!

I know it's Steam, but... This was the only and true one game of my early childhood and it's on sale now.

And that point, I already know i'll never finish the story even if I just started an hour ago.

As it turned out, they knew EXACTLY where I was. They remotely disabled our car via satellite so there would be no possibility of us taking the car across the border.

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Next Friday at #DEFCON27, Roger Dingledine will get you up to speed on the ways governments have tried to block Tor, walk through our upcoming steps to stay ahead, and give you some new—easier—ways that let you help censored users reach the internet safely. #DEFCON #censorship

After 1,000 tests, the method was 87% effective in removing microplastics of all sorts from water. The most effective microplastic removed was that from a washing machine with the hardest to remove being polypropylene plastics.

Copy paste... :( It's Ausländer not Aüslander

Guitarists Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe shared the kiss on-stage during the band’s performance of the song “Aüslander” at their Luzhniki Stadium concert.

Rammstein later shared a photo of the kiss on their Instagram, adding the caption “Russia, we love you!” in Russian.

Mentioned music:

Just in case if anyone met an article about doomed languages... Haskell and Perl will never die! NEVER!

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<archivist>: I need a temporary name for my cloud storage project, any idea ?
<mmk>: No idea
<archivist>: Okay, I'll go with the worst, Advanced Storage System
<archivist>: Lets me spell ASS in all caps in the whitepaper

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Party’s over, y’all. Miriam-Webster is thinking of adding “fursona” to their dictionary.

@snder : my 1.5yr old son always looks at my screen and when he always spots your avatar and says "Penguin!"

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Here's my public safety announcement: Have you backed up today?

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Earlier this month, we met in Stockholm to reflect, address challenges and successes, plan the next six months, and have important in-person conversations that are only possible when all teams are in the same location.

Find out how it went:

ummm okay, it seems much longer than it is in reality ;) It contains a shit ton of python code.

A new post is available about my personal (private) python package where I tried to collect and manage all my small scripts with python.

I have to migrate a lot of scripts I have from the past like 20 years and of course delete the ones I don't need anymore, but it's a good start for me ;)

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