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I'm so excited, today we had THE local government elections (mayors for cities/districts). 74,40% of the votes are already processed and it seems a lot of important districts and a lot of cities and Budapest (capital city) is not on the side of our government. It can be a huge icebreaker for the last 12ish yrs of Semi-dictatorial system. That can even give a fair chance for the next Presidential Election bcos they can't use cities for their own good.

This year I'm very bad at I'm just simply lazy and not motivated to do more coding than required :(

Hopefully I can catch up soon

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Last night, my dream was in a very interesting format... It was kinda Scott Pilgrim style and I did not even realize that until the very end when I recognized I went through 6 of my arch-enemies in my life already (for example Smoking, not accepting myself as I am). It was a huge trip and I did not expect that at all. I learned a lot from this dream. Other than enemies, all the "cuts", the storytelling, "NPCs", locations were so random, but viewing the whole picture it was a Scott Pilgrim style.

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Actually I spent 5 hours already and ignored everything else :O and did not even leave Trostland, open-map-kinda-stuffs are not the ones for me :/ easy to get distracted

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Destiny 2 compared to the first one is... Just awesome.

New FC founded, ranked up... housing area extension is coming... Let's get some money, on the right way \o/

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Should I upgrade to the Glitch version?

- More features
- Two flavours (with each 3 themes)
- Local-only posts
- Full-width media
- 1000 toot char (can be discussed)
- Bookmarks
- Drawing
- Multiple post formats

Please vote! (I prefer only votes😇)

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Protesters In Hong Kong Are Cutting Down Facial Recognition Towers.

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Have you ever thought to yourself, "Princess fairy tales are so problematic for glorifying youth & beauty in women, and normalizing hierarchical government systems. Also I want to jerk off to GILF dommes"? SAY NO MORE, THE KICKSTARTER IS HERE:

24 hours left to back it!!!

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #comic #fantasy

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Master Boot Record's album "" is updated!
35 cover songs of good ol' video games...

Fire up your FTP and get it!

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