There’s a collaborative VST called Endlesss that’s kickstarting for only a few more days… @MacSparky @robbyburns

Stripe using ATP’s website as their example is something
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Introducing the Stripe Billing customer portal. Let your customers:

⬆️ Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel a subscription
✏️ Update their payment methods
🧾 View their billing history

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I’ve watched this tik tok approximately 500-600 times. 20/10 the perfect tik tok

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New Mac system alerts. The current horizontal layout has been used... forever. The end of an era.

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So instead of asking the question, "Was Beethoven Black?" ask "Why don't I know anything about George Bridgetower?" I, frankly, don't need any more debates about Beethoven's blackness. But I do need people to play the music of Bridgetower. And others like him.

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Handy chart from @ditheringfm (or maybe @benthompson) for hardcore podcast geeks who want to maximize the additional features of podcasts like @stratechery or @atpfm :

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This is pretty cool, run from the Linux terminal

Run with : telnet

You get a ASCII map of the world rendered with Open Street Map data

Press q to exit.

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I eliminate tons of stress planning concerts, field trips, and other teaching tasks by creating project templates for reoccurring work. With @OmniFocus and ⁦@draftsapp⁩ I automatically add these to my todo list with due dates relative to the event.

Nice call out of ⁦@affinitybyserif⁩ Designer by ⁦@dspreadbury⁩ on the new ⁦@scoringnotes⁩ podcast.

@gruberJust saw that Keybase was acquired by Zoom; you're one of the best critics I know of Zoom, do you have any thoughts on this brewing?

I am so crazy hyped for the new Logic Pro X update. I’ve been trying to learn some Ableton on its trial during quarantine, but might let those efforts float to the wind.

The fact that we’re this far into quarantine and I haven’t cleaned up better than this just makes me feel like trash.

90% of my typos in the last year have happened because I wanted to rephrase things midway through and either had the text edit poorly, or just didn’t properly reconstruct the mechanics of the sentence around the change.

There’s currently a 90-day trial of Logic Pro X available (and Final Cut Pro X for that matter). Normally there’s no trial for Logic at all.


I was checking out a very not-Christmas memory on Apple Photos, and the music it set it to was the Holly & the Ivy…🧐

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