Well this is refreshing..don't think I've ever been to a site that recommends using an adblocker. Awesome! Way to be botwiki.org!

It's the time of year to be thinking about planting apple (and other fruit) trees.

After doing lots of online & print research into apple trees, as no one source had all the info I needed, I've collated the key info into one post. Published last year, but all the info remains up-to-date.

Tips to help you choose the right apple tree(s)

#Gardening #Fruit #Trees #KitchenGarden

I have a 8 hours train trip and I'm boiling inside when I see all the covidiots with the mask on their chin or under the nose. It's high level of "I wear it because I have to, but make zero effort because I'm a selfish and don't care about other people"

Hi there! Is ther any rol-focused instance? Like D&D and so on.

open 👏 source 👏 projects 👏 should 👏 not 👏 use 👏 closed 👏 chat 👏 platforms

Looking for a graphic designer that can make me a logo for my company. I have a few rough design drafts i made and im just wanting it to be polished and made into a few different formats (PNG in various sizes or maybe an SVG) and not have random internet clipart. Boosts appreciated!

No corporation should have a revenue or market cap over one billion euro (or equivalent in other currencies). All corporate accounting should be public with a three month delay.

No person's wealth or income may exceed one billion euros. Every person whose wealth or income is in the top 10% in the country of their residence should have their tax records published automatically.

All people in elected offices should have their tax records published automatically.


I love the words, "judge denies Trump" and I look forward to seeing them many more times after Joe Biden wins.

Judge denies Trump's request for a stay on subpoena for tax records: A federal judge in New York on Friday denied President Trump’s request to temporarily halt a grand jury subpoena for his tax returns from taking effect.

its funny how i used to want websites to have scripts running on them. "ajax" or whatever it is we called it. because that way it didn't have to reload the whole page each time you clicked something, so it was faster, since the internet connection was slow. but now i kinda want sites to refresh the entire page when you click on something because the internet is fast now and the thing thats making the web slow IS the scripts

I made a thing! 🎉

It's a browser extension that recommends "better" alternative products and services via in-page popups, based on community-curated lists. Available for all Chromium and Firefox-based browsers.

We live in times where the distributions costs are hampering the adoption of higher-quality (which could mean security, privacy, ethics, local etc) products. I am hoping that this extension can eventually be managed by orgs like IFF, EFF or FSF.

The European Commission is evaluating their "IP" regulatory system. The FSFE urges to stop expanding monopolies over knowledge and software. Free Software models offer a more innovative, fair, and socially just society based on knowledge sharing:


Esto lo llevo advirtiendo desde abril. La educación pública no está en condiciones de abrir las aulas con seguridad sin triplicar recursos.

No se va a recuperar la actividad presencial. Podemos darle las vueltas que queráis.

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Mastodon seems to work nicely in Firefox browser on Arch :archlinux: using a PinePhone :pine64:

Ponemos el grito en el cielo, cuando una empresa deslocaliza su sede y fabrica sus productos en China, India, Marruecos...

Pero no pasa nada cuando compramos cosas en el "Aliexpress" que están más baratas que en la ferretería de la esquina.

Estamos "deslocalizando" pequeños negocios con nuestros actos.

Yes! Telegram video calls are here! And end-to-end encrypted! 🥰

(group video calls coming later this year too)


Since the main #invidious instance is closing down soon let me recommend invidious.snopyta.org/. It's an instance where the video proxy option is enabled by default.
So if you post a video here in the #Fediverse people who block #Google with browser addons or whatever can see it right in your post and don't have to first click the link and enable video proxy.

#FuckOffGoogle #LivingWithoutGoogle #GAFAM #Youtube

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