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Remembering the man who told some of us how to be in this world

is a black hole. Surveillance is self destructive. The idea that if we can simply "observe" more of the ("bad") behavior we can do something about it is morally flawed, and it will eat away at those who try until everything they were trying to protect is gone.

Enhancing Technologies allow people to level the playing field and enforce their consent. They provide people the freedom to explore the world on their terms. They allow people to come out and connect with strangers, to escape & rebuild, to recover, to breath.

Choosing a still means trusting another party with one’s information and trusting them to not only encrypt information, but be transparent as possible about their service.


Contrary to endless "privacy is dead" predictions, people are making more privacy-conscious decisions in the last few years. Many companies now pitch as a selling point: large ones like , medium-sized ones like , and smaller ones like and .

, not guns, is the best weapon in the fight against tyranny.

's lengthy user agreement does specify that any data Google keeps may be provided to police in response to a legal demand. But the process by which a user consents to the data collection isn't always clear.

Using an phone, you are walking with a spy bug installed on your pocket.

Can you guess why they are so cheap on the market? 😉


Wonderful and easy scheme to explain how works. Once you create good enough rules, then you can start using them on new (unanswered) data.

Germany’s plan to control its own data digital infrastructure.

«Control over data is as crucial as oil and gas for industry».


Is it time to ban Fonts?

In order to track users Google is offering and installing fonts with a custom identifier embedded.


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Facebook: Remember how we promised we weren’t tracking your precise location? Sike, can't believe you fell for that... again theregister.co.uk/2019/09/10/f

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