Around the world, rulers are using the pandemic as an excuse to grab more power. And the public is going along with it.

Am I the only joying the ability to digitally talk to friends without being tracked/analyzed by third parties when using or any other end-to-end encryption open-source technology?

We used to have that privacy level with face-to-face conversations.

Now we can have that level back even online. It's amazing and lovely.

EU Commission to staff: Switch to messaging app.

«Signal has been selected as the recommended application for public instant messaging».

Did you know is collecting data from every page on the open web that relies on Google Fonts?

Here you are some public stats:
(the best data, for sure, they will keep for them).

Big Tech will have to share data under EU proposals. This is a matter of national security, industrial strategy, digital sovereignty and overall democracy. A big step forward: Brussels aims to break monopolies of the likes of , and

EXCLUSIVE: The secretly owned the world's leading supplier of systems to other countries.

Crypto AG sold rigged machines to more than 100 nations, including Iran, India, Egypt, Italy...

"It was the intelligence coup of the century."

This proves was right.

In a fantastic video on the toll ubiquitous, constant takes on us as individuals and as a society, PhilosophyTube walks through the consequences of living in a world where our is being destroyed, one datapoint at a time.

This would be consistent with other information. For instance, the use of as a platform to enable installation of Pegasus onto devices has been well-documented and is the subject of a lawsuit by /WhatsApp against NSO Group.

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forensic report:

The forensic analysis assessed that the intrusion likely was undertaken through the use of a prominent spyware product identified in other Saudi surveillance cases, such as the NSO Group's Pegasus-3 malware, a product widely reported to have been purchased and deployed by Saudi officials.

I have seen dozen of these, but it's always as it was the first time.

Truly amazing.

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