uses to track a history of things you buy — and it’s hard to delete‬

Budget: contributions (blue) and expenditure (yellow).‬

I wish one day I could leave a comment without having:
1. pass a test
2. Delivery my data to two companies ( and )
3. recover my account data (user/password)

Socials win in interaction because the open web has built walls.

The last strategy is "privacy focused": they will allow users to delete their profile history.
So, they monitor your searches for a 3 months time span. Example: you search several times during that period "chocolate biscuit recipes". Then the history goes away. Do you really think is not able to build a profile on you, my dear biscuits lover?

does not mean "we won't sell the data we collected with or without your consent", it means not collecting information in the first place. Saying otherwise is at best disingenuous.

90% of business data breach is on cloud as noted by a report from Kaspersky
Do you still believe is the solution to everything?

vs : in the end, you will always need of a bank. Think of it: when your wallet will be worth 5mil$, will you still feel safe to keep it at home?
is not meant to destroy banks as "safe deposits".

The Average Lifespan of a (aka "content storage"):
1997: 44 days
2001: 75 days
2003: 100 days (source:
2019: xxxx days
era: 🤓

took 10 years to eat the entire market (using black hat strategies too).

losing market share is a lose for open web is the new IE forcing the web to its standards.

‪Tech enthusiasts vs Engineers vs Security technicians 😬‬

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