Contrary to endless "privacy is dead" predictions, people are making more privacy-conscious decisions in the last few years. Many companies now pitch as a selling point: large ones like , medium-sized ones like , and smaller ones like and .

@arunava_nandy I know what you mean. I know Apple is far away from perfect but as far as we know, Apple is not selling our data for any business (commercial ads, political ads and so on). I consider this a first step on avoiding mass control.
Next one is total encryption. The same applies to FastMail ( I do pay for not being tracked and profiled, I know their service is not as safe as ProtonMail but it's good enough, I am not Snowden.
People is surprised when they discover that Trump and Russia found a way to manipulate the political results using the social networks but in the while they continue to use their GMail address for everything.

I hope this make it more clear.

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