Wonderful and easy scheme to explain how works. Once you create good enough rules, then you can start using them on new (unanswered) data.

I think we all missed to live during those wonderful years. Amazing movie for the first huge first step of the mankind out of Earth.

All the balls are the same color — and that color is *brown*!

Budget: contributions (blue) and expenditure (yellow).‬

I wish one day I could leave a comment without having:
1. pass a test
2. Delivery my data to two companies ( and )
3. recover my account data (user/password)

Socials win in interaction because the open web has built walls.

took 10 years to eat the entire market (using black hat strategies too).

‪Tech enthusiasts vs Engineers vs Security technicians 😬‬

speed is not that bad for me.
What's your result? Just open your Tor browser (torproject.org/) and point to speedof.me [results may obviously vary due to many factors].

is just a matter of a tap.‬
‪Choose wisely, it’s easy.‬


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