, not guns, is the best weapon in the fight against tyranny.

's lengthy user agreement does specify that any data Google keeps may be provided to police in response to a legal demand. But the process by which a user consents to the data collection isn't always clear.

Using an phone, you are walking with a spy bug installed on your pocket.

Can you guess why they are so cheap on the market? 😉


Germany’s plan to control its own data digital infrastructure.

«Control over data is as crucial as oil and gas for industry».


Is it time to ban Fonts?

In order to track users Google is offering and installing fonts with a custom identifier embedded.


«I wouldn't expect any system to be totally secure, much less remain secure forever in the face of adversary advances, but that's not the claim. Security is process of choosing between "less safe" and "more safe;" and continuing to fork toward safety until you reach "safe enough."».

- Edward Snowden

Having a lot of prompts feels like punishment for blocking tracking cookies.

If you maintain a website that uses them, you're penalizing people who are protecting their .

"If we do nothing, new technologies will give the government new automatic capabilities that Stalin could never have dreamed of. The only way to hold the line on in the information age is strong cryptography." — Phil Zimmerman, 1991


promises to treat persistent trackers like malicious hackers in its new WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy. That's a big win for user .


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