«If you ever wonder where we're at on the dystopia scale, consider that it's normal to believe the government is spying on you, and crazy to believe that they're not.»
- Edward Snowden

«Digital contact tracing systems should be based on an architecture which relies as much as possible on the processing and storing of data on devices of the individual users».


Google’s acquisition of will also deprive users of one simple, meaningful choice: to track their health and fitness without putting that data into ’s ecosystem.


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The Dutch Authority for Personal Data #privacy did an extensive analysis of various online communication solutions. #Nextcloud Talk and Jitsi are the only two solutions ticking all the privacy & security boxes!

‪Interesting and awkard al the same time.‬


‪Seems like the “Global Program” released a report to their italian “paying-for-being-tracked” members.‬


Around the world, rulers are using the pandemic as an excuse to grab more power. And the public is going along with it.


Am I the only joying the ability to digitally talk to friends without being tracked/analyzed by third parties when using or any other end-to-end encryption open-source technology?

We used to have that privacy level with face-to-face conversations.

Now we can have that level back even online. It's amazing and lovely.

EU Commission to staff: Switch to messaging app.

«Signal has been selected as the recommended application for public instant messaging».


♻️ Google Fonts, being Google, profits nicely from free font hosting 

@EvanHahn @clacke @dublinux Evan, you can self-host the fonts you need on your web project.

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