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Without regulation, the potential for misuse of -recognition technology is high, particularly for people of color.

Protesters, wary of being identified via and matched against criminal databases, could choose to stay home rather than exercise their of assembly.

Scientists use phone movement to predict personality types.

It turns out the pattern of how your mobile phone moves around says a lot about your personality.

I did a "goodbye plan" some months ago.

I started with changing my pic and status with a note telling the reasons why I would leave.
Then I updated them by telling people when it would have happened.

Then I left the groups I was in.
When the conversation where almost completely gone, I directly updated the last friends about my decision.

Lastly, I deleted the account and the app.

The EU's highest court has decided that website owners can be held liable for data collection when using the so-called "social sharing" widgets.

Tech companies are scooping up your children’s data before they are old enough to give informed consent. As a parent, you can help protect your children’s online by using the right services and updating the settings on their devices.

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1. No terms arent different from other social apps.
2. Yes now they own irrevocable rights to your likeness.
3. Yes a Russian company now has a db of AI enhanced photos & your personal details.
4. Yes they likely hoovered up other metadata.
5. No you cant have it back.

A brand-new version of 's SSL Configuration Generator:

Configuring TLS is perhaps the most complicated and error-prone of all IT tasks, and this tries to make it as easy as possible.

Do you delete your cookies daily (good boy!) but you are tired of being harassed with 's banners on your favourite sites?

This list is for you:

and comfort go hand in hand.

Please STOP, stop, stop using on your websites!
You are giving away your visitors' and they cannot even opt-out and avoid it if they want to reach your contents.

Still unsure if using on your website because of performance?

Have a look at

HTTP2 (which relies on TLS) can parallelize your data requests. You will see the differences with your own eyes.

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