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Toughest security airport security checks in the world - Kuwait - even physically inspected thumb drives and pens!!

И всё-таки, лайк или избранное?

Good way. You make own decisions. If you make business, make yourself one with businessmans. Potentially is not relatives, if they not businessmans.

tried to launch in-game helicopter. Bad idea for diletant😀

medi rant, drug, adhd 

Tried to make sshd + wlan preset inside kernel for my old tronsmart dongle to set up ubuntu without display =D

Then bought hdmi to dvi cable and old display.

Then bought 5v3a power supply, modify cable length to almost zero, so now using nettop instead😀

"why is everyone staring at us"
[glance back at where we were sitting]
"oh right"

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