me @ myself when i feel bad for my gender identity and fashion choice and etc.

comments under any youtube video of music older than 10 years: I'm 15 and this much better than current music

@deshipu I cannot demand anything, but I myself highly prefer native apps that target the platform that I use and love, be it GNOME, KDE, Android or whatever.

If I have no other choice, I'll use a Windows app via Wine (or a macOS app via Darling 😉), or even an Electron app via Electron, but surely I won't enjoy it as much.

And surely KDE users don't enjoy using GNOME/GTK apps as much as they enjoy using apps that target KDE.

idgaf how you believe the universe came into existence as long as you want to make it a better place

reminder that 90% of you are really cool people and I'm honoured that you wanna be friends with me

You ever think about how there's so much stuff dogs do not and never will be able to understand. Like you can bark all you want but there's nothing I can do to make you understand the concept of thunder or radiators.

ugh, already tired of this day/week/month/year/decade/century/millennium/cosmic epoch

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