Peter Parker wqs never the same after he got bitten by that radioactive pepper peck he picked

listening to Current Malone's song rich & greasy off his album pipes & ferraris

if you record yourself reading every 666th of my toots backwards you'll heqr a message from satan

You know what good web design needs? Frames. Lots and lots of frames

lewd shitpost 

found a sweet hit counter widget to embed in the widget column of my blog

@fructose_dealer is gonna be me fyi; mass dm will go out begging for re-follows i asure you; yqda yada

people with both femme and masc energy cqn move tectonic plates

Being on Mastodon made it so much easier to compliment people.
Did not help with accepting compliments like a normal, unawkward person...

food - 

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