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a catgirl realizing life has no meaning is experiencing nyahilism

people who still put a hyphen in "e-mail" put a twinkle in my eye

I had too much work to do today, it’s very difficult being a person!

so I've got an appt. to take my car in (i have some minor damage from hitting a bus a few weeks back...:blobnervous: ) and becquse i have full coverage (i have a 2015 car-i was able to save up working full time + living for free with family) i get a rental car and everything?? it's really amqzing and i guess the way rich people are used to living? just having everything taken care of? its so nice and i hope it all goes well.. just feelin so greatful rn that i have all these resources in my life

Every time I see a recipe for “edible cookie dough” I only think “all cookie dough is edible if you aren’t a coward”

okay okqy gonna call my insurance company send +vibes 😞

a neural net defines SLENDER TUBE 

If I lay it down, would you pick it up? If I gave you my crown, would it be enough?

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