I wanna fly, maybe (just maybe) spawn in a tank or just, I don't know, exit this game and experience "IRL" for real.

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Mastodon: What's on your mind?

Me: I don't know. I mean: is this a simulation? If yes: where is the store to buy some mods?

TikTok is like a miniture world... * SKIP AD.

Just enjoying the beginning of the afternoon with Blue Monday '88 Dub - 12" Version of New Order. Can't enjoy this song enough.

I could have gone with Linux and try to run it in Wine, but after some quick Googeling I found out that a lot of players had been banned because Wine was flagged as "cheating software".

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So I installed Windows 10 on one of my older PC's just to play some League of Legends.

Runs great, even on a 5 year old AMD Bulldozer APU.

Good morning people of :mastodon:

I woke up today at 8 because I forgot to turn off my alarm clock.

But anyways:

Good luck at work or school, but I am free and will be shitposting all day long.

How are you guys doing on this wonderful day?

Good evening Europe, good afternoon USA and good (very early) morning Australia.

No matter if your day was good, is going great or is starting amazing.

No matter if your day was pure crap, is going awful or is starting not so fantastic.

Remember this: you are worth it, you can do it, you have the power! You don't have to be rich to be successful, you don't have to be seen to make a impact.

Live your life to the fullest AND live your life how YOU want to live it.

YOUR LIFE, not mine!

On my way back home again. Was a short, productive and fun few hours at school. Now trying to get some food somewhere.

Also: still smoke free.


Google --> Tracks you
Microsoft --> Tracks you
Apple --> say's he will keep a secret, sells it and then charge you 1000 Euro
Amazon --> Big Brother Inc.
Facebook --> Big Brother [Original] Inc.


DDG, Startpage, Searx --> your friend, don't track you
Linux --> OS that 'just works' (p.s.: IT DOESNT TRACK YOU!!)
Mastodon/Fediverse --> Contact the world! FLOSS STYLE!

Or just trow mine in the ocean and go back to a flip phone (the old one, not those 'flip smartphone' tyfus crap that breaks waaay to easily)

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Thinking of buying a Huawei phone just to fuck with Google.

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