Serious question -- though I have a feeling this might mark me as some sort of a'hole -- why do some of you tag your photos "eye contact"?


I found an .apk elsewhere, but when I try to login, I get:

Unable to resolve host "ickouqua9891": No address associated with hostname


In F-Droid, I'm getting a "The requested file was not found" error on all versions....?

I just signed up for "The New Paper," a newsletter with the mission to, "overcome sensationalism by spreading factual news." So far, I like it a lot! If you wanna check it out, too, you can use the link below. It's a referral link, though I'm not sure what the referral actually's a free list, so....?


, - OMG, I love this place. I loved it before we touched down. I think I'm from here. I mean, I'm not from Alaska, but...somehow I am.

@idahojen - Dove right in, eh! Well, welcome to the Fediverse, where people who are tired of Facebook's B.S. come to live tyranny-free (and every damn thing....). :blobgrin:

Headed to tomorrow, and the open sea, for an adventurous weekend. My first time in the largest state. Huzzah!

The Chupacabra Integer Sequence

An original new (and utterly useless) : starting at 0 (zero), count up the number of characters in each integer as it's spelled in English.

Ex: β€œtwenty-one” has 10 characters, so 21+10=31


0, 4, 8, 13, 21, 31, 41, 50, 55, 65, 75, 87, 99...

I deleted my FB account months ago. Friends still ask me if I saw this or that on FB, or if I'm coming to an event they shared. If FB is so good at connecting people, why do people have no clue when one of the "connected" goes missing? In truth, it's just a personal advertising broadcast platform. I don't miss it. I am still able to follow FB groups/events that I want via RSS feed, without an account anyway, so no bother! FTW!

Many years ago, I had a cute little black . One day I awoke from a nap because my eyes were burning. I discovered that the pug had gotten hold of a canister of pepper spray & chewed it open near an A/C intake vent. I don't know how she got the canister -- it was attached to a keyring hung by the door 4 feet above the ground. My eyes were on fire, but she was wide-eyed & pleased with herself, unaffected by the fumes. I had to vacate the house for 2 days while it aired out.

What a lovely article!

"May we remember in your circling the cycle you complete. On the ground, something is suffering. Something is coming near to the end of its time among us, but its life is not ending. Its life can never end. You are turning its body into something beautiful: blood and feathers and hollow bones. Earthbound no longer, the dead are rising again in you, rising and rising, lifted on air."

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