"I don’t know how to explain to someone why they should care about other people.

"If I have to pay a little more with each paycheck to ensure my fellow Americans can access health care? SIGN ME UP. [...] If you’re okay with thousands of people dying of treatable diseases just so the wealthiest among us can hoard still more wealth, there is a divide between our worldviews that can never be bridged."


I have been enjoying The Skimm. It's a daily email summarizing top stories. I like that they break the stories down & provide a bit of context. Very much recommend. Link below.


Could there be a place I could buy actual movie cinema -- complete with that eerie yellow "butter" oil -- without the movie, and for a realistic price?

Fuck Lori Loughlin and the rest. Rich folks rarely suffer at all for their crimes. To the rest of us, this is delicious.

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