Store-bought πŸ… suck -- that's an easy observation. Now we know why!

"...tomatoes grown on domestic farms lacked more than 5,000 genes, including those for protection against diseases and the gene for flavor and color."

My inaugural Life Bingoβ„’ pack is almost ready to ship. Get your order request in before the first batch is sold out!

Hey @julia -- I hope today treats you better than yesterday did! (Sorry, hope this isn't creepy. I wanted to test out, and this was a good excuse....).

I'd date Amy Davidson. But I won't move in unless Pete's out.

I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't even know Doris Day was still alive.

Watching "Larry Charles' Dangerous World of Comedy" on . It's startling & horrifying & encouraging & heart-wrenching & wonderful. It doesn't make me want to do standup again, but it does make me want to be a more engaged & proactive person.

are an up-and-coming food craze. You heard it here first.

HamslapΒ© βœ“ Bringing you the latest trends in moist foods since 2003.

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