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Hope all you super rich folks sleep well tonight. Everything will be as you left it in the morning. Nothing to worry about....

It's fun to see photos of where people live. Even mundane, everyday scenes. Please post a pic of something you can see from where you are now. Include where in the world you are.

So proud of my hometown! In a state that has a reputation for intolerance, I love seeing this.

"Boise Becomes Certified As A Welcoming City For Immigrants"

Do consider a hamburger to be a sandwich? πŸ”

The older I get, the more frustrating I find it when I'm asked to explain my rationale for...basically anything. Hence, I say less & bristle more when I speak.

This is Grumpy Old Man Syndrome (GOMS) settling in.

My heart goes out to all the super-rich folks who are upset about that horse race. Must be a tough day for you.

I ordered some little pocket notebooks. I'm going to try to use them more, and my mobile less. I also ordered a nose hair trimmer recently, so I assume this is how old age sets in.

I don't smoke, but I join my coworker on smoke breaks because I like get away from my desk for a bit. But if she's gonna get all pissy when I call it, "Cancer Club," I may drop my membership.

I don't actually know her, other than in a fedi-follow-way, but I still believe that if you were to follow @julia, you'd not be completely unhappy about it. I think.

Today is privacy activist Ola Bini’s birthday and he has been detained in Ecuador for the past 23 days. We are proud to support him and signed a letter to ask for his release #freeolabini

@snder - Wait! I think might work!

@snder - Wondering if you might there an RSS feed for a keyword search, for example: ?

@Tusky - Am I unwittingly blocking something, or do polls not work in Tusky?

Who wants starting a game in the Fediverse avec moi? Maybe start with simplified rules:

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