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Fortunately not every #GNU related youtube video is GNU bashing for cheap way to get views.

Arguing that: "There's Alpine Linux without any GNU, which works better than GNU" is like:
"You know discovery of fire is one most significant event in human history!"
"What's the big deal? I can light fire too with matches, and it's much more efficient".

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A friendly reminder that the @peertube campaign is still running until complete.

If you want:
- better overall UX and global search
- better moderation tools
- plug-ins, playlists
- live streaming

please consider donating to the campaign. Each contribution matters, even the smallest ones.

Thanks for helping making the internet a better place!


This is fantastic, this is beyond imagination.

confirmed as a communist group (well at least according to one of those people y'kno).

Sexual abuse 

Update: everything is falling apart.

Probably the most beloved professional player (Nairo), he was exposed by a statement from another banned smash player (Captain Zack) that involved the two of them in a sexual relationship ... Zack was 15 years old.

And Nairo being 20 years old. From this point on... It's been a downwards spiral.

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@z428 I think it's a major part of it. Business cynically reshaped "open source" into a means to exploit free labour, well-intended people pour their labour into that sinkhole trap and before they know it they're burned out and want nothing more to do with "open source" dev.

Example: a friend of mine had a project under GPL, needed a job badly, and was coerced into switching to MIT during a hiring process so the business could better capitalise on it.
@jamesmullarkey @hansup @bamfic @daniels

The community on Twitter going through hard times given that a lot of sexual harassment cases have been unveiled. In a couple of hours everything changed and important voices have been banned from the community. Very serious allegations and statements.

Overall gaming communities are going through times of change.

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Letting a few companies have access to everything we say and do online (and increasingly offline) is bad for society, democracy, and, as we are now learning, public health. It’s time to take back control of our digital lives. 7/8

According to a recent poll, if there were a vaccine to cure , a third of American citizens would reject it.

That would be the movement at its best, it shows that the US has a virus that they have never been rid of, the virus of ignorance.

Según un estudio estadístico si existiera una vacuna contra el , un tercio de los ciudadanos estadounidenses la rechazarían.

El movimiento definitivamente se mostraría en su mayor esplendor. En Estados Unidos hay un virus que nunca han curado y ese es el de la ignorancia.

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✅ OpenSSL upgrade complete.
⏳ libboost upgrade in progress.
🔁 Currently loading new program into minds of #Solus team: GNOME, Qt5 and Plasma Desktop updates.

Ufff, after 74 HOURS of playing, I finally finished , my first final fantasy.

The final boss was so good that I played it three times, although I beat him the first time.

What a game, I loved everything... except the combat system and therefore... the gameplay... Wich means 80% of the time I wasn't having fun.

-Story? That's a 10.

-Character development?.. a 7.5.

-Graphics? Another 10; if you're paying on emulator use a filter to recreate some CTR effects (e.g. scanlines)... the amount of work in the sprites, especially all the edifications is fantastic, artesanal as heck.

-Music? 11/10, just fantastic, specially the opera one, my favorite by far.

Creativity? 9/10 my problem is world of ruin, it feels like they ran out of resources or something and they just decided to throw an open world to fill the last part, but before that, the game just incentives you to complete it, there is so much to see and every experience is valuable.

And finally gameplay... 4/10.
Slow (and it's not because the animations, but some normal fights can last minutes), the random enemy encounter is high wich make things even worse, and the mechanics are troll, it doesn't feel like you won by being skillful... it's just not fulfilling at all. At a certain point I wanted to leave the game or not play it anymore just for the combat system.

So overall is a great game but... I'd prefer an RPG that rewards me with fun gameplay even if it sacrifices other aspects.

Next game might be either or

Donald preparándose para las elecciones, quiere censurar el libro de quien fue su asesor de seguridad.


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Libre Speed Test


The page says "Free and Open Source Speedtest. No Flash, No Java, No Websocket, No Bullshit." and this is the better replacement to SpeedTestdotNet.

I know this one from @selea and @snopyta.

#freesw #librespeed #librejs

Hoho :haha: so even in the United States some media admit that there was NO fraud in the past Bolivian and that suffered an effective coup.

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Remember when the government supported in Hong Kong, denouncing the brutality of the Chinese government?

That means that in the event of a local protest made by their own citizens, they will not behave like tyrants, they will absolutely understand them, listen to them and try to correct the mistakes that caused the situation, right?

They won't name unarmed protesters as terrorists, will they?

They won't use scare tactics to discourage people from protesting, will they?

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