When talking about closed social medial such as Facebook or Twitter, we should understand that what is appealing for some people regarding these sites is the algorithm, their internet life is based on a real dependency on what the algorithm decides what to do, what to show them.

This is, of course, frightening. Relying too much on an algorithm means you'll eventfully lose your capacity to decide for yourself, their efficiency is unfortunately undermining our freedom of choice.

And they won't switch to federated social media, because it does not provide a real replacement of what they are used to. Sometimes relying on an algorithm is... addictive, and if you want to solve your addiction problems, you have to go trough a detoxification process.

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Relying on an algorithm is addictive........ always! 😉

@lorabe I hope you don't mind me butting in, but ‘algorithm’ is quickly approaching ‘chemical’ as one of the most unfairly maligned words. An algorithm is a decision system, in many cases executed by a machine. It's not magical, and there's nothing preventing it from being explained to and controlled by the end user.

What the big social corps have done is keep the control board and manual to themselves.

@lorabe Moreover, they can manipulate people's visibility too. FB has a moderation tool which can make someone think they have posted, see their post is there, but others don't see it only a small number. With such a tool they cant even be held accountable! Think of the political use of that by a platform (FB) being revealed more and more to be biased towards the far right and conservatives!

Alas the UK Labour party does digital policy making on Facebook and Zoom, it doesn't even have a separate section for digital policy on its own Policy Forum site!

Its hard to get people interested in tech issues, it seems only focus on economy...depressing, What can be done?

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