Welded brackets I just made for a massive concrete countertop I'm about to make.

Trying out different potential colors of this shack rebuild project

New salt water electro etching video, this time I'm etching stainless steel. youtu.be/RwHe41cn5Ow

@n07070 @syntaktis@mastodon.host

It's been a while since I made a how to video. This video is on how to do your own salt water electo-etching using a cellphone charger and salt water. (hope this is helpful @n07070)

Little test of a little rotating tray I made from an old microwave motor so I can display my sculptures and projects in a nice 3d view. Not sure about this gif quality but its the only way I could get it under 8mb.

Im going to be restoring this old shack soon. Blessed to be in spring

Got to see a demo of aluminum casting today with black sand and clay molds amazing. I thought I was taking a video... But I only ended up day m taking two bad pictures of the whole thing

18650 with charging, protection and boost converter circuits and one panel mount USB port with switch #18650


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