Just installed the metal brackets for a long pour in place concrete countertop. Now on to mold making

hijinks levels are 38% and rising

(38%) ■■■□□□□□□□

Ya basically just misconnecting the wires in this case reverse would be + to - instead of + to + and - to -


Snowflake and safe space are now useless almost exclusively emotionally charged words at this point. You also forget that Foss software is not controlled by a governing body and is largely anarchic so if a Foss app bans you it's like being exiled from an extremely niche subculture within a subculture. Doesn't matter one bit. Everyone on gab is blowing this way out of proportion.

That sounds good. Just make sure you don't attach anything in reverse otherwise should be straightforward once you get those parts

Regulator and a dc-dc converter are basically the same thing. Can't even remember what the difference is off the top of my head. Both of them regulate the voltage

Cheers brother! Here's to respectable online back and forths! I'm curious about all these new gab users because they are possibly the most complaining and triggerred bunch of Mastodon users I've ever seen, when at the same time they claim to be against all that "snowflake stuff" anyway thanks for the reasonable response, hope you can be a role model for other gab users

@DavidBond Isn't this the kind of outrage culture mentality gab is trying to get away from?

@DavidBond That a pretty far stretch comparing Galileo's imprisonment to a app being banned by some incredibly boring large corporation, You're giving the gab app way too much credit, there's no way that insights from the gab app are anywhere close to the insights of Galileo. The play store sucks. Calm down.

@noorul so the regulator I sent you maxes out at 1.5 amp so you wouldn't be able to get 5v 3amps out of it, probably want something like this with a 12v panel to get what you want amazon.com/SMAKN-Converter-Pow

@Algot Wow, thanks for bringing this word back into my consciousness, it's a gem of the english language.



Eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight.

Mid 17th century from Latin pugnax, pugnac- (from pugnare ‘to fight’, from pugnus ‘fist’) + -ious.


I totally reject your claim that I am pugnacious. You! You are the bellicose one.

Removed the roof of the shack I'm restoring. Everything inside looks so much better with a little light

@moran @a You're the snowflake my friend. You're the one getting all offended that some random foss app won't accept gab in it's repo. If you don't like it feel free to make a safe space for yourself, sounds like that's what you want, but this kind of whining over spilled milk is really the kind of thing a snowflake would do.

1) Because the voltage and amperage coming out of a solar panel fluctuates with the sun it is always best to have some kind of regulator on the panel. Could be as simple as buying a 6v solar panel and using one of these regulators sparkfun.com/products/107 (However that regulator is not very efficient)

2) If you want to add a battery then you need a solar charge controller. (They can also be really cheap)

@noorul Yes, I've also made at least one solar cellphone charger before. And a few different types of cellphone chargers. Do you have any specific questions?

@syntaktis I worked at a concrete countertop company for a little bit and I definitely installed a bunch of concrete countertops on steel frames with grinded welds (not made by me) I also do have a contingency plan for if a weld breaks. It's a shame that when working with strong materials, problems, cracks and what not can take many years to even show themselves. Thanks for the words of welding wisdom.

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