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The worst thing about having cruise control is the excruciating awareness of everyone that doesn't

I don't know. Something about some of their samples is always just uncomfortably organic. Like, what's happening here?

Something about Glass Animals just makes my skin crawl. Like, by all rights I should be into their stuff. It's just my kind of psychedelic indie nonsense.
Gooey was one thing. That one was a very deliberate sound. But even their least offensive stuff makes me go full miyazaki by a minute in.

I've just discovered the glory and horror of long beans

I-5 is bad enough when I'm mostly tuned in and singing along to music.

Like, either I'm missing my exits and trying to merge into people

Or I'm tuning back in and realizing I've missed like an entire minute of dialogue contemplating world-building while trying not to run into a semi

Turns out I'm completely incapable of listening to audio books and driving.

Every part of the CATS trailer looks like it came from the dark side of DeviantArt

so sapphire has two P's now, huh?

what kind of parallel universe nonsense

It's been a long and contentious process, but I've finally got my wife to start flinging things at my head from across the room instead of making me walk all the way over.
I'd appreciate if she made a distinction between flingable objects and expensive delicates, but progress! Nuance will take a bit longer.

Bee + frog 





Penalties bring out a viciousness usually reserved for Trump policy announcements

The only soccer knowledge I've managed to accrue over the course of my marriage is "Ay! Ochoa no para nada!"

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