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love when i roll my wrist and i get a snap, crackle, AND a pop

Interesting characters, but again, you get the feeling that this is an just an intro and you'll only meet some of them for real in book 2 or 3.
Something about it left me unsatisfied, but I can't tell if it was lacking or if I just want more.
A fun little romp in any case. Enough mystery, magic, political drama, personal drama, and awkward romance that I'd read it again if I had the time.

I got distracted in the middle of doing something else and finished it.
I'd give it a solid rec? Interesting world-building. It's definitely the first of a series, so there's a lot of hinting and name drops.
Solid set of twists about 3/4 through, and a couple of those really great fantasy/sci-fi moments where something just shifts and you realize you've been carrying certain assumptions into a very, very different kind of world.

Tor is offering a free download of Witchmark by C.L. Polk for February. I'm only a few chapters in, but it's very promising so far. Check out their free eBook club here:

Like, there's almost a foot of snow on the ground at this point, but there's a quiet, fierce joy in the crunch of it underfoot and the muted silence of the world.

My classical music education has been spotty, to put it politely. I've just discovered how hard Vivaldi's violin concertos go. Damn.

@snder I've just discovered this, and I am absolutely delighted

Mostly because every time I start a mystery dungeon game I end up as one

But I make a special exception for Bulbasaur

Full disclosure, I am 100% a water starter guy

A really long time ago I saw a post where someone on 4chan took whole albums and either slowed down or sped up the left channel by .2% and uploaded them to pirate sites as an Elaborate Ruse.

They uploaded a version of "The Mother We Share" as an example but I could never find it again so I recreated it and you get to listen to the beautiful mess that is this:

fucking Tumblr click-bait title headcanons

There's aspects of the way they present themselves over at that are a bit off.
I think I've decided they're mostly good people? I could be convinced either way.
But fuck me
The hellsite is in fine form today
just click on the link
look at the website
they have numbers
they have a devotion to transparency
argue against any sort of prison labor
argue against the numbers they present
argue against the weird worker profiles
but please


argue against what they're actually doing

Has anybody done any digging on It's blowing up over on the hellsite, with the worst kind of Tumblr headline skimming.
They seem on the up-and-up? There's obviously some performative guilt-tripping going down, and any sort of prison labor is sketchy, but it looks like they're doing the best they can by their workers.

fucked up that a 4 layer PCB at oshpark costs more than a 7 layer burrito at taco bell. in this economy

The worst thing is when someone is advocating for the same thing as you but using awful arguments to back it up and you have to balance trying to correct them with not weakening the position of your conclusions

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