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The cheap wildflower mix we threw down in the torn up part of the backyard has been entirely dominated by bushy nasturtiums that are starting to crawl out of the "flowerbed".
Neither of us recognized them until we tripped over a display at the fair.
Turns out we've accidentally grown a very large patch of very tasty greens? Very pretty to boot.

October 14th 

Nerve & shoulder issue(?) 

And yet, after two test flights, I still went back and ordered the 3rd or 4th least hoppy pint, because I couldn't stand the theoretical judgement of this brewery schmuck 2.5 hour from where I live.

I got to play fetch and then pet the brewery dog for like an hour though, so net positive for this trip

Okay, experimental brewery visit has very definitively determined that I hate hops. Just, why would you do that to something that you want to drink?

Whoever keeps putting celery in these dried soup mixes needs to fucking stop last week

And like. Just in general.
I just found out about Libby, the overdrive app, in June. I've already racked up a couple dozen books.
I've never walked out of a library in a worse place or a worse mood than when I walked in. One of the libraries a county over has a full weekly print budget alongside general services for anyone who gets a card, and they're very liberal on what counts as a resident.
The local system doesn't have that budget, but they still offer so many services. Their website has a full section of free certifications with training materials, and free media beyond books, and lunch programs, and workshops.

And there was a librarian walking an older lady through filling and printing some forms on a computer, and she was doing that little "oh, isn't that clever" noise of someone who's finally getting the chance to catch up on technology.
And there was a guy who clearly felt completely out of place who'd come in from a bus stop and looked a bit down on his luck, just completely surprised by being allowed to charge his phone in a public space.

This little girl walked in with her mom and immediately ran off to look for something to check out. She did that little spin with the half-step false starts at all the different sections.
Just completely overwhelmed and excited and it was just one of those moments that brings back all the memories of being a kid at the end of summer.

It's just the purest expression of the best parts of humanity.
Just sat down for five minutes to cut out my little summer reading coupons for my free paperback and sweet tote and people-watched for a bit.

Major conspiracy 

Except for the volunteer tomatoes from the neighbour that both turned into sprawling cherry tomatoes. They've claimed a good 8x5 row end for themselves. We can't pick them fast enough to give them away at this point.

All my careful gardening and nothing is half as productive as the feral blackberry bramble we macheted back into one corner of the yard last year.

Every time we go to the hardware store, we end up with more clearance flowers. We're running out of room.

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