Like, these are not subtle frames.

Literally me, every few minutes:
"The fuck is that?"

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Lots of driving this weekend. Very scenic, at least.

Pic 1: Sunset showers over Washtucna

Pic 2: Apple orchard in bloom, Royal City

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Did actually manage to get lost. Took a wrong turn out of that one little park.
Found lots of daffodils, a tree inside a tree, and some beauties by a hydrant.

Pausing halfway to the library for a panicked cram session to get a good shot

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Prepared enough that I should stave off the breakdown and caffeine crash until immediately after the exam

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Gotta love open-note/open-book exams. Especially when you didn't bother shilling out $200 for the textbook

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STRFKR - Starfucker (2008)

Well. I feel less bad about not recognizing it. Was never very into them.

Also, this is like an alt vinyl cover? Why?

Okay, lukewarm take via meme time. I'm indifferent to the point being made here, but I need y'all's help.
Whose fucking album is that between Phoenix and alt-J??? I can not for the life of me remember or locate it.

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