Major conspiracy 

Beso (pastry) reference image 

An Indigenous Peoples' History of the US 

Dead headed an unruly and untended rosebush full of earwigs at the in-laws. Still like 4 buds for every bloom I cut off. That'll be fun in a month.
Rescued some standouts for

Like, these are not subtle frames.

Literally me, every few minutes:
"The fuck is that?"


Mention of animal death, picture of a tree 

Lots of driving this weekend. Very scenic, at least.

Pic 1: Sunset showers over Washtucna

Pic 2: Apple orchard in bloom, Royal City

420/69, Catholics 

Did actually manage to get lost. Took a wrong turn out of that one little park.
Found lots of daffodils, a tree inside a tree, and some beauties by a hydrant.

Pausing halfway to the library for a panicked cram session to get a good shot

Tumblr on buying music & iphones 

RTOS Class Update 

PHIL 103 update 

Prepared enough that I should stave off the breakdown and caffeine crash until immediately after the exam

Tenant in my trash succulents 

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