Highschool mixtape from (now) wife 1: I Love You soundtrack 

Subscriptions catch-up p.3 & Cumbia diversion Soundtrack 

Subscriptions catch-up p.2 Soundtrack 

Subscriptions catch-up p.1 & a fantastic rec Soundtrack 

Defying Gravity is the perfect climax to finding stupid workarounds to uncooperative ADC configuration Soundtrack 

just realized swedish fish actually say "swedish" on them, so yeah, it's been that kind of night Soundtrack 

The old dude that runs my record shop is baffled by my CD requests, but he's a sweetheart and orders them anyway. And his dog is very loud and skittish, but very pretty Soundtrack 

listening to actual music on this cursed date Soundtrack 

god my eyes ache, what is sleep Soundtrack 

New obsession: Caitlyn Smith Soundtrack 

Guiltiest pleasure actual soundtrack productivity Soundtrack 

"parts of songs tht rlly Hit u when u hear em!" Soundtrack 

Speaking of new youtube uploads Soundtrack 

Explosion-y music video 

people in my life have used these as ringtones so long they automatically put me in fight or flight Soundtrack 

surprised how well I know these ones, but still some humming Soundtrack 

completely memorized songs for off-key shoutalongs Soundtrack, p.2 

completely memorized songs for off-key shoutalongs Soundtrack 

Desperately need to go replay Cave Story, but in the meantime it's a great productivity Soundtrack 

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