Every part of the CATS trailer looks like it came from the dark side of DeviantArt

@eightbitsamurai I'm in the second week of a new job that has a bit of a commute.
I keep waking up at 5am, somewhat on purpose, and my increasingly sleep deprived ass feels your pain.

so sapphire has two P's now, huh?

what kind of parallel universe nonsense

It's been a long and contentious process, but I've finally got my wife to start flinging things at my head from across the room instead of making me walk all the way over.
I'd appreciate if she made a distinction between flingable objects and expensive delicates, but progress! Nuance will take a bit longer.


Bee + frog 






Penalties bring out a viciousness usually reserved for Trump policy announcements

The only soccer knowledge I've managed to accrue over the course of my marriage is "Ay! Ochoa no para nada!"

Trying to convince my wife that radish greens are edible through the magic of olive oil, garlic, and a bit of rosemary.

Even from the outside, the Cheesecake Factory's decor is absolutely fucking baffling.
Like, why the pseudo-Egyptian theme? That isn't even consistently applied?

Feels like this overpriced chowder place could have established their tacky theming without all the misogyny?

Props to the barista who remembered my name at the other end of an hour long rush when I went back for another "I'm using this table until the flight leaves" rent drink.
I could not deal with this many spaced out caffeine deprived travelers every day.

The mix of accents and languages and all the little things people do when travelling alone or with family.

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