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The power strip that the radio-alarm-clock-that-no-one-remembers-buying is plugged into got unplugged at some point last month. This was noticed and rectified at exactly 1:00.
Thus the blinking display that has been one hour late for three weeks.

Current aesthetic: waiting for November for the problem to solve itself.

Someday, I will make a second pancake that is as perfectly golden and cooked through as pancakes one and three.

That day is not today.

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@Aleums I'll take the pigeon if you end up with one? Hermes is a good bird name

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as Voltaire said, "I may disagree with what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to recieve free server space, free bandwidth, free promotion, and in some cases ad revenue share, from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in order to spread your abhorrent views"

wait he didn't say that? fuck

@8track @jacethechicken maybe not the leggy house horrors, but anywhere south of Canada has some species. The smaller ones are hard to spot unless you like to flip rocks though. They zoom into cover too fast to see and top out at an inch or two.

Millipedes and isopods are too sluggish to hide, so they're easier to find.

@8track @jacethechicken millipedes maybe. Centipedes when they're calm.
But they fly when startled.

@8track correction: centipedes, in my experience, tend to "zip"

On a list of things you don't want to find flipping around when you check if the dryer is done, an empty microSD + adapter case has to be up there. Hopefully that wasn't anything important?

Forgot I got lazy and just dumped loose tea in this mug with no bag.
It's a pretty heavy full-leaf black, so no worries about floating bits, but I just tried to gulp down the dregs without thinking.
Surreptitiously spitting an entire mouthful of leaves back into my mug like a labrador that's just discovered they don't actually like spinach.

Wow. Keeping up with my various music feeds was apparently extremely time consuming?
Now that I'm not sitting in front of a computer and/or stacks of papers and books all day, I can't listen to all of it.

Dude two rows in front had an entire raspberry pi tucked under an LED panel and 3d printed frame, but the entire thing was too heavy for him to tilt so it could actually be seen.
My cap didn't run linux, but at least I didn't have to carefully balance it for three hours.

lovely wife attacked it with superglue and some half populated junk PCBs from various classes. Fellow engineers had to laugh at the arduino shield stuck to my hat, but actually came out pretty sweet.

Know what I did not find? As I apparently do not actually own a pair? Wire strippers that'd work on the itsy little internals. I have spent two hours breaking every nail and stabbing myself trying to strip these little fucks while keeping them in the jacket.
And I need to do each end of each little twisted pair on each stretch of cable, without cutting any of them short.

Fuck it all. Black is classy.

Didn't have time to decorate my grad cap this week, but I did find myself with a fistful of LEDs, and more arduinos than I know what to do with.
Tried to get clever tonight. Writing the code to cycle through several modes on a button press literally took 10 minutes. First pass soldering took like half an hour, but the only loose leads I had on hand were hella bright and it looked awful.
Then I found an old 20 ft coil of black cat 5 with a break in the middle.

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