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I'm gonna pin this to my profile for easy reference

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fun fact: when disneyland first opened, mickey and minnie were horrifying nightmare creatures

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i wish people would stop using lynnesbian-ebooks instead of mstdn-ebooks

it's a botched version of an outdated build of mstdn-ebooks that is hardcoded to tag me in all error messages and say "mistress lynnesbian, something has gone wrong"

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Yeah sex is great but have you ever been the first person to add a reaction emoji to a Discord/Slack message and then a bunch of people also use it, thereby validating the long, disparate string of life choices you made to bring you to that moment in time?

Quick question for those who are on/develop Mastodon and have follows set to approved - do you get an email for *every* new follower?

I've just realised that if you get follower-bombed with that setting enabled, wouldn't it flood your email inbox with requests?

@solidsanek I just noticed that Hifumi in your profile pic looks like the headphones aren't touching her ear on her left and I can't help but notice every time now

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if you're a sysadmin and use group policy that disables wallpaper changing you're evil :blobcatsad:
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@moongaia @rysdal

No it’s fixed now. I blocked the domain instance wide so they can’t attack us anymore.

I’m afraid this guy will create more domains and ‘attack instances’ so please keep an eye out!❤️

@snder wait nevermind I see you already have :D

@snder can you block this instance so other people here don't get follow-bombed by it please?

Thankfully Tusky seems to limit the amount of notifications that come through at the same time, so all that really happened for me is that my phone vibrated for a second and I suddenly had an inflated follower count.

Now I have a broken follower account which is fun. Thanks you arse.

Oh great I got follower-bombed. Any solutions to this? I'm certainly settings follows to approved-only if this keeps happening :/

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I could just drink it faster, but I'd rather not have hiccups until the end of days, and I usually buy it from shops rather than stock it at home.

I would drink Coke Zero more if it didn't start tasting weird about half way through.

At first I find it tastes almost like full-fat Coke, but when it starts getting warmer it gains this weird artificial caramel-y flavour and ugh it doesn't taste too pleasant. I hope it gets to the point in the future where you can barely tell the difference between the full-fat and Zero versions.

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Tootsite now has a new mascot (in addition to @pikachu ofc). She's called toot-chan and is drawn by @Princesspeach who did an amazing job doing so. :blobcatheart:

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