Half-Life: Alyx is looking really cool, but holy hell VR is expensive

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I'm not that interested in VR stuff at the moment, and having to spend at least £379 just to play it is a bit much just so I can play one game.

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I don't think my Google Cardboard is going to cut it :>

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@moongaia Could always wait for VR to get a bit cheaper

@pyromage Yeah, I'm just annoyed that I won't be able to play it for a while because I don't own an expensive accessory. I meet the minimum specs otherwise :(

@moongaia Yeah it is a shame, but from what I've heard, the things Valve want to do with HL:A just would be a significantly worse experience in non-VR, hence it's exclusivity.

There'll prob be a mod for non-VR HL:A though, let's be honest.

@pyromage I'd love to see that happen, not just so people without VR hardware can play, but also to see all the workarounds for the mechanics that need the VR controls :P

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