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I guess!

Hi, I'm Night!

I'm , , & .

I'm very interested in and , and generally in finding a nice online space to hang out!

apparently a hot take 

hello if you still use chrome i gently recommend giving firefox a chance. i gave up on it a few years back but now that i'm using it again i think i'm here to stay. it's not perfect but neither is chrome, and it's actually beating chrome in speed in some areas these days

also google is about to seriously hinder adblocking extensions in favour of letting their own ads and tracking shit slide through

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hey all, i wrote a big old guide to the fediverse over on my blog. we got a lot of very confused and unfamiliar people โ€˜round here today and i figured thisโ€™d be helpful.

it covers what the fediverse is, how itโ€™s different from twitter, your options, and the general expectations of you as a user. feel free to link to it, rehost it, whatever. boostable link here as well.

@GreenandBlack hot take: there is no difference between a private company and an authoritarian socialist state: in both cases you have no democracy, an overblown bureaucracy, you don't own your means of production, you do stuff that makes no sense to please the upper management and you are paid peanuts for your time. Oh, and everything can be taken from you at the whim of your boss.


pride take 

political hot take 

Two Instagram bloggers getting married to extend their influence like they're middle ages royalty

One of the many absurdities of capitalism in our technologically advanced world: I have to borrow an eBook from the library and return it so others can borrow it

Yes, white people, you actually have to put some honest work into making sure the fedi does not become a haven for bigots.

The core of the problem isn't that the fedi has hateful people. They are always going too be around.

The problem is that people that are in a position to help with the issue usually don't and just choose to hide.

That's how intolerance and hate perpetuates itself. It exploits the gap of indifference.

We can be better. The question is why don't we.

PSA, danger to trans people, please boost 

Today's gender is fulfillment and the smell of coffee.

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