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At least 10 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Madhya Pradesh's Morena city after attending a funeral feast.

The feast was hosted by a Dubai-returned man

But his name is not Khan

So no "Suresh feast list"

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Suresh also was undergone THERMAL SCREENING like those Markazz guys, all of them were asymptomatic!

So instead of quarantine them, our Government let them free!

Markazz guys gone to religious function while Suresh arranged a feast!

But India's communal virus see Markazz ONLY

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#Nitterizeme 1.7.0

- Allow to redirect Invidious, Nitter and Bibliogram links to the preferred instances
- Built-in player that ensures videos are played locally
- Detect AMP Google Urls and open the real link
- Remove AMP tracking after unshortening URL
- Unshorten support for

- Improve apps detection for opening links
- Add titles above links for apps

- Refresh issue when picking up another instance
- Last Bibliogram instances not accessible

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@SlowRain Taiwan not being a member of WHO has helped them in this case. I think the WHO has completely mishandled this whole pandemic and countries following their guidelines have erred by doing that.

Let's hope Taiwan manages to stem the number of local transmission cases soon. What's the average daily growth in the number of cases now?

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India now has 3000+ Covid19 cases:

β€’1 - 1000 in 58 days
β€’1000 - 2000 in 4 days
β€’2000 - 3000 in 2 days

We are still testing very less people and I reiterate, the only way to defeat Coronavirus is to 1) test more & more people 2) build isolation facilities for those infected!


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Tea, Taiwan style.

That thimble of a cup holds about an ounce. The pot, which is plump full of unshriveled tea leaves, brews about 5oz at a time. Steep-time is about 1 minute or a tiny bit more, & you can brew several times with the same leaves (I did 4). The snacks were a black-sugar mochi (very molasses-y) & shortbread biscuits.

#Tea #Taiwan

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i feel so bad for landlords sometimes ya know? they were just born that way, they cant help it

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Taiwanese people are getting overconfident with the gov't's success keeping the coronavirus at bay. They're flocking to the beaches in the south of the island this long weekend. Idiots risk undoing everything that has been accomplished so far.

#Taiwan #Covid19

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@noorul N95 mask is for doctors

There is a proper procedure to wear it, otherwise it will not be effective

So surgical or homemade masks should be fine for ordinary people

any body bought a facial , just in case ?

surgical mask is widely available nut n95 mask is effective one.

though, I never wear or own one, should I have 1 in stock in case ?

of course, it's low cost and after all simple deal but I don't want to responsible person to panic buy

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Hello masto people. How are we managing the corona virus times these days?

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#Huawei joins major US-based open-source patent protection consortium OIN

In a move many will find surprising, Huawei is joining the #Linux and Open Invention Network, the leading US-based open-source patent non-aggression group.

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Stay Home - Install #Linux

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Delivery arrived a few days ago. Now waiting for the weekend and @kde Big Screen. πŸ™‚

#kdeplasma #bigscreen #raspberrypi #mycroftai

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