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Adblock Plus is a for profit corporation that will unblock ads for companies that pay. It also is really inefficient, using 4MB+ of RAM for every frame loaded.

uBlock Origin on the other hand is FOSS, accepts no donations, whitelists no ads, automatically bypasses anti-adblock mechanisms, and is way more efficient.
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You are a very wise Alexa did you know that?

Are you also listening in on people, haha 😆

Hey John,

how you doing ?

I found you hosted Invidious . It is super cool.

I've started using it from 2 days ago.

I can't load Youtube comments. What is wrong ?


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Welded brackets I just made for a massive concrete countertop I'm about to make.

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Again, one great video about @Matomo #Analytics which will probably just receive a couple of likes whereas it is great stuff. Content grouping with custom dimensions explained with Matomo Tag Manager. peertube.floss-marketing-schoo

I am totally on software side but basic in hardware.

I am trying to DIY for mobile charger with solar power.

Do you have any exposure with electrical or solar ?


Hello there,

How are you doing ?

Are you free for chat ?



Get the fuck outta love triangle.

Give them fuckin hard tasks and let them sweat it out on the play field.

It's becoming boring to watch gossips and love/lust intentions.

Losliya nee loosa ma 🤦 Her problem is with Kavin not you.. why doing this? Adhula i don't love him i like him vera.. avanga rendu pere innum love ku pogala nee vera nadula 😂

10 days kadala potathuku intha reaction koncham over😂

Ithu new trend pola ,dad Mari irukan nu soli intha Mohan girls Kita kiss panuran

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: Romba tough ana contestant a asault a thookitanga Inime yar sanda poduvanga

: adhan nan irukene

Kavin : adhellem avunga level ku nee vara maata


Really can't get over the fuckin perv

Not sure why people inside are turning blind towards his lusty intentions.

Hook poda ena scene potan, ipo pothum nirunthunga nu solra alavuku adavadi panran.


For ... Next trump card is 's delusion, illusion and hallucination with anger issues... Dangerous Personality... 😁😁 Pick it guys in creative team... 😁😁

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