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Depends on the usage I guess. Personnally I love

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I second @alexcleac's point about NextCloud. You can use a free provider rather than self-hosting of course. I use Woelkli who give 1gb of free space, and then I use Carnet as my note taking app on my phone. I've heard good things about Joplin and Turtl too. Also listed here:

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@switchingsocial Wire is really good. It's basically Signal minus most of its disadvantages.... use it a lot, and have moved many of my friends there.

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@switchingsocial It's popular in some places and there are free software clients, but I think people should avoid using it.

The encryption is probably not very good (some boutique thing - remember Snowden's comment on boutique crypto) and the server is proprietary. So that makes it worse than Signal or Wire for security.

I'd only recommend it for public communications if you're in some situation where you don't have other options.
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Wow... thank you for so many replies so quickly! 😮 👍

Don't worry, I won't be listing Telegram. But it is good to know more background for when people ask why it isn't listed.

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@foxhkron @switchingsocial Nope. Wire's server source code has been released fo awhile. They are even working on decentralize their services.

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"Telegram, the supposedly secure messaging app, has over 100 million users. You might even be one of them. If you are, you should probably stop using it right now...

According to interviews with leading encryption and security experts, Telegram has a wide range of security issues and doesn’t live up to its proclamations as a safe and secure messaging application."

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@jcgruenhage @one @uint8_t @switchingsocial

I don't use Telegram anymore because of its insecurity. (and never used Whatsapp for the same reason.)

But, it's more secure than Whatsapp, because security you can't trust isn't worth anything. At this point, I'm pretty sure that Whatsapp has a backdoor in the E2EE, as the founder left due to "privacy disputes":

Probably he had to sign an NDA, and that's why he can't say the E2EE was turned off.

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Hey Fediverse,

What is your opinion of the Telegram messaging service?

Any potential problems?

How does it compare to Signal and Wire?

#Telegram #AskTheFediverse #AskMastodon

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As you may have read yesterday, Adobe is telling customers using older versions of Creative Cloud that they could be sued (

If you are still using CC, it might be time to consider alternatives which let you actually own software instead of renting it:

#CreativeCloud #Adobe #Alternatives #DeleteAdobe

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@snder @vistasadindia

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From past experience I’ve learned that as revenue pays a lot better than donations.. But we do not host a Mastodon server to earn money but to offer users a place to be free!

If we do get donations and the server is payed for I’m already very happy. And if the donations are more than the actual server costs I’ll put the money on the DigitalOcean account for the next month 🙂

@inditoot @sjw @qt

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@dansup Wow this is good news! Thank you for taking the time and caring about other federated projects 😀
I assume many pioneers and early advocates of federated social networking to be on #GNUSocial, I mean those who were here even before #Mastodon and #ActivityPub were a thing. Your work will help prevent a fracture in our community. Thank you, and keep it up 👍

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