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Good morning to everybody on Fediverse!

It's almost 5 in the morning and I'm already up! I didn't fall off my bed... But I'm feeling like I did!

I'm going to use this extra time to write a letter to a friend.

Have a nice day!
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ice9 (
) Tweeted:

See the #dipyridamole trial result from China for another outstanding reduction in progression & mortality, of #COVID cases

These drugs are already approved, cheap, & widely available, with decades or centuries of prior use.

See here to participate in large, multi-center trial of dipyridamole for #COVID_19 in USA

Dipyridamole produced the largest effect size I've seen in any RCT for severe #COVID__19

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P2P e-commerce with logistics handled by the national postal service.

#ShowerThoughts #P2PIdeas

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RT from Star Labs (@starlabsltd)

Are you sure you want to continue and break the internet? (Y/N): Y
#coreboot #linux

Original tweet :

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India bans TikTok and a bunch of other Chinese apps "for stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users’ data in an unauthorized manner to servers which have locations outside India"

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Hello Tag, a new feature that allows you to publicly or privately tag people and accounts in your posts.

Think of it like a mention but with more privacy!

It will be rolling out later this week, we look forward to your feedback.

#pixelfed #tagPeople

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wish for this style decoration for bride & groom seating for wedding receiption
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Finally, a sunny day after heavy rains!
And... after collecting a bucket of berries, I decided that I still love winter more: in winter no one tries to devour me (flying insects)😉

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Hi Sander,

is working well ?

past weeks, I couldn't able to upload to Pixfed via Fedilab.

now I couldn't authorise using Pixfed.

stuck on this page


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Drugs/Tips I am aware of, for #COVID #COVID_19 #COVID__19

Pulse Oximeter to check O2 level
Consult doctor if SPO2 < 95%
Dipyridamole if O2 level is low & lie in prone position

Famotidine for gas/bowel problems (& anti-histamine)

To boost immunity:
Vitamins A,B,C,D

Losartan - BP (& ACE2 blocker)
Statins - cardio protection

Finasteride/Dutasteride/Bicalutamide/Degarelix - male pattern baldness (& Androgen Deprivation Therapy)


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