@noorul some things are interesting. Got a lot explained before so the interest is more

@Lyke haha,

I don't much of space neither not interested

@noorul it's just a little but found it interesting that she wrote a code in so many books. The old fashion way, now that we have computers

@Lyke knowing about this is inspiring.

Good you shared.

So u write?

@noorul no but I love to read books ❤️ even though it's mostly fantasy

Mostly, biography, documentary, based on true event, inspiring nowadays.

Few years, mostly romantic, romantic- comedy.

Last night watched, 50 first dates in full HD.

Such touching story.


@noorul so a lot of genres! Cool!
50 first dates is an amazing movie. May have watched it 3 times already. "intouchable" is also a great movie to watch!


I can't recall I watched intouchable. Will check out the trailer.

I watched 50 first dates way long a few times.

It felt good to watch again.

You are right, amazing film.


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