Quick question: What's the best / your preferred / most trustworthy password manager?

I'm running Firefox/Ubuntu(/GNU/Linux) (look at my stack, my stack is amazing (not)).

I am working on my pass phrase management this whole week.

Months back, I used to have Firefox default password manager then when moving profiles.

All these months, Password store is my primary pass phrase manager along time based OTP.

Password store is CLI but always use QT Pass for GUI.

Pass FF is browser extension for auto filling. Very handy.

I love Pass word store for simplity. Just pass phrase, username, optionally, URL and other names.



Password store can be tricky initially. It took some time to get going properly with Password store, PassFF, QT pass & setting Timed OTP.

But it is best what I think. Clean and simple. Not much metadata like created/modified/tag

There is Android client for Password store but buggy.

I don't use git but just rsync.

Since Password store built on GPG, you can count on high security.

I love GPG


The 2nd pass phrase manager which I test, recommend and set up for others is Keepass DX.

KeepassDX is packed with features. You can better UI/UX. Database can be sync to various clients.

KeepassDX has browser extension for auto filling.

Android client for Keepass DX is cool too. It can auto fill login credential for other apps.

I recently discovered KeeWeb.info it is simple HTML app to manage your Keepass data base.


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