@noorul @Purism rebrand an open source project as your own and sell it, classy

@sir @noorul @Purism Theres alot of stuff on your blog that i dont agree with, but indeed, this is just some real bullshit they are pulling, they don't even give credit back to the original apps.

@sir @noorul @Purism What they've done is provide hosting for non-experts to make FOSS more accessible. In my opinion, that's a positive contribution to the community.

@sir @noorul @Purism Most people would be overwhelmed by the difference between the source code and the hosting service. Most people just want a finished product they can consume.

@jwinnie @noorul @Purism sure. But what are they going to do with the money? They make no mention of giving back to the communities they're profiting from.

@sir @jwinnie @noorul@quey.org @Purism Purism is using the money to pay people to work on the FOSS projects they use, so that everyone (not just Purism customers) benefit.

@sir @noorul @Purism and the more companies that use an open source product, the higher the chance of it being maintained. Go Purism! Your work is highly appreciated in the FOSS community.

@noorul still all of them just forks with @Purism branding slapped ontop of it
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