Buddy you removed domain name.

I used that domain name for more 20 accounts.

Shit, I am in deep trouble



Well, I can activated it again. But again - it is just for temporary email.

I understand, but I wish it to be reliable temporary Email service.

My big request to restore

And if any reason to drop it, announce it in prior time, buddy

@selea @noorul

@noor @noorul

The service is reliable, but is it not intended to be used in that way you use it. It is a temporary email service that people can use to register in order to avoid spam, getting their email leaked or just stay anonymous.

Please keep that in mind. The addresses will change over time,


Here is scenario,

This week, I am setting up domain name for dynamic DNS.

As I am trying out number of serious, I am simply sign up services with tmpmail.

Once I settle with one service, I eventually update with my actual address.

Thank you for restoring, Selea.

Appreciate you for quick fixing it.

I like over tmpmail but I already started with it.

Yup, I spotted additional entry on the list. Just looking it. .asia is cool.

A suggestion, can you set CName straight to, instead

I've no problem as I've book marked.

There is LTS cert misconfig for temporary mail domain

Has there any free software solution for dynamic DNS ?

May be you can offer that too.

Currently, I am using &

Though it may consume time for maintainance ?

I've spend this week for sorting out my Dyn DNS work flow.

So glad to find for DDNS now.



There is no DDNS implementation yet, but you are handy with scripting I am sure you can manage to use the API :)

oh, I see.

I am novice with scripting but curving to try out pdnsmanager.

You can get me an account and explore it .

Hey John,

I left the conversation yesterday as it was 2 AM here.

There was an issue network issue i was trying to trouble shoot last night

I happened to notice there is domain name in DNS.

What is opentulip ?

I've notified you were posting about it previously.

Please tell me about it



The website should explain what it is:

We aim to expand the services in the future too, we are in the middle of finding a new DC for everything thou.

What I see a Next cloud instance with pre installed apps like password manager along Searx.

Is this simply Next cloud instance with yellow theme ?

U r part of it ?


I am a part of it yes. And yes, it is a nextcloud instance.

50GB is free during the beta :)

Great, when this free offer withdraws, I simply drop it.

I've paid cloud which for my Online cloud storage.

What I do with these free services, to set up people I've know so that they get out of corporate grip like Dropbox, Google Drive.



The plan is to make the storage so cheap that cost would not be an issue for people at all.


If operationtulip offers mass storage with low charges, it stands out in market.

A few free providers offer only 2-3 gb and this 50 gb free storage is insane.

Even though, it is offered as beta.

I've a few feed back for Operation Tulip and shall I share with you ?



Please send it to so everyone involved in the project can get your feedback :)

I found there is Searx on Operation Tulip &

Getting curious to hear your words on Searx & which search engine do you use personally ?

I've been using DuckDuckgo and so far good.

Except one thing I miss is that I am not able to self host search engine & customize it.

What is the reason of your choice of Searx ?

No response on this ?

Your words on Searx & Duck duck go


Well I missed it,

Well, searx uses duckduckgo and other search engines, but everything is proxied via the searx.

@selea which you use most ?

As well people in your circle ?
I still haven't understand point to shift from ddg to searx


@selea @noor

Running your own with bot will be very expensive though

@selea @noor

hmm, So how is much it will cost to create a big database

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By the way, I've signed up for Operation Tulip.

With *50* gigabytes free cloud storage is too tempting for me.

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