hiding boosts from you account :)

these 2 days, all I am seeing boost from you on my timeline.

I miss my old timeline, lol



@noorul lol the exodus is almost done. I stop boosting by noon tomorrow. We will have plenty of info on #Ayodhya I will be boosting. It is very important to India , 25 year old pending judgement and possibility of riots by fascists so mute at your own risk :)

Not muting you , yet ;)

just hide boost as my timeline is full of boosts for all day

I set up my /RSS with your account,

so all your posts stream right into my device for offline reading as well reading it without distraction :)

so not risky.

@noorul haha cool , tomorrow is going to be very stressed for mods and everyone

You mean, in the morning (Saturday)...

Wish you and others to have great time !

(bashing them)



@noorul no we have very strict rules and can be booked under draconian laws, am asking people to stay here rather than bird app. Well we don’t have any trust that this justice will be real so let’s see


if someone want to express or share something sensitive but want to be untraceable or anonymous,

there are ways to do.

1) use technology to become untraceable

2) create a separate social account with temporary email address, for one check

3) don't reveal your photo, name or location, personal info.

4) using will hide your address and untraceable.

WARNING: this is for education purpose, for getting started, don't try for tomorrow and get caught with setting these improperly.


What would he say, ditch and buy expensive for high security.


@dpreacher @kushal

Let me shred some words,
my above post is some basic introduction about , anonymous, etc.

Just introducing to people who are addressing sensitive issues.

On other hand, this post doesn't contain well detailed for security.

Kushal is expert, I'd say. and I learn from him.

@dpreacher @kushal

@noorul I agree about @kushal as you said
Your post is a good intro but a thread from that could contain additional details. That's how knowledge could assimilate/grow organically. I would have quote tweeted on bird site but this way of threading the development of an idea or knowledge in a thread is much more usable.

I don't want to overwhelm new comers.

they must be getting started with fediverse and with these may confusing.

may be 2-3 weeks later, would be better give better info.


@noorul sure. I replied and added what I felt like adding. We can always revisit.

Why not use always ? Curious.

Indian government is monitoring the internet, right


@noorul i know how much secure I need my online content to be. There are other groups or sections of our country's residents that need that level of protection and you know, it's a sad reality and necessity. They need #tor and beyond. I'll learn from the likes of you and @kushal etc

@noorul @dpreacher I am of the opinion that it is better for the Indian Gov Q branch security forces etc to know exactly what I think say and plan. If they want to take you out they'll make stuff up. But if the officers are sane trying to do their jobs then they don't have the resources to track everyone. India isn't Burma. It isn't China. I got no problem with the pigs knowing what i think. Fear is a two way street.

Bro, pass technical details on a separate thread.

Because details for intermediate level users.

My targeted are -tech, entry level whom should embrace and

@kushal @dpreacher

@noorul Done! Intention to help more users embrace security by lowering the entry barrier is much appreciated @kushal

The Onion router is my preferred way. Shall I address this way

@kushal @Deepsealioness

Okay, I'd say Tor. It's name of the software/service.

I just didn't styled as T.O.R as abbre.

I capitalised the name for highlighting it.

When human reads, all capital, tend slow down the reading and our brain get to register the word.

Since many of new users tend read this first time, I've highlight with all capital.

When in Rome, speak Roman

@kushal @Deepsealioness

@noorul @Deepsealioness that is wrong when it comes to the project name, if you join the irc channel on OFTC you will find the topic clearly says that

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