First, I am surprised chatting with founder & md of a startup company

We may have plenty to talk about. Trust me.

I am struggling entrepreneur. So there are many subject we talk


@noorul love to share my experiences for sure and I look forward to our conversation..

This my personal account.

The other one is admin.

So I be keeping in touch with you from here


Sooner, an account can be created on for your brand and setup a page to distribute contents to promote.


I was enquired about rolling a web/app service like yours an year ago.

Had discussion with prospect. Their budget was too low.

There is similar service like this in Malaysia which is successful


I had startup in Ecommerce. An Online marketplace for local retailers/merchants.

I didn't launch on Chennai city but small cities in Tamil nadu.

Though couldn't take off


@noorul yes Chennai is a tough market to crack and we are working on it. We are working on both the product as well as the market.

Cut down overhead ?

In house app web development or outsourced ?


This is cool.

I am determined to develop in house.

Android app, Web, marketing materials etc.

Though, can't step into iOS app development.


@noorul nice. I am travelling home as well so responses may be delayed.

Development is only the first step. Promoting it and getting it to the customer and making then use it is harder than we actually think.

@noorul I myself can develop iOS, Web, server side, design and also produce videos.

I didn't touch iOS dev.

I can work on Java for android app, native & hybird

I work on HTML5 CSS3 , Javascript. Backend, for my ecommerce I layout Python Django.
For other, I better go with PHP,

* I rendering service for web design, hosting too.

* Work on photography, product photography, videography: shooting, editing & post production

* doing graphic designing, typography designing, 3d work, animation ...

* a few other tasks too ...


@noorul brilliant skills. May I know why you have failed and if you are still pursuing your goal?

My goal is hang there.

I am trying to survive now.

The wound from last failure holding me back to take next big step.

My failure - blame myself.

I see my failure as learning period.

Even with knowledge, skills and energy, I need to get experience too...

Like I've mentioned before, lack of team, went into wrong marketplace (thinking there will not competition)


@noorul since you have gone through all this, you need to be careful about the idea itself now

@noorul don't beat yourself on what happened earlier. Look at the positive and move on. Because you are now more informative than before.

Not any easy for me.

Me looking for opportunities and people to work with in biz environment


@noorul if I may ask, are you working somewhere already?

@noorul I can see you are in business for ever, so it's definitely gonna be hard for you to come out of it

@noorul since you are in service sector. Can you download our app and try using it?
Ensure you sign up as user and provide a Chennai post code.

@noorul I will be sometimes brutally honest so please don't mind. It needs a lot of money in one way or the other to make the business successful.

Not to be argumentive, I'd cut the cost to some level.

Without compromising quality ...

But again, I am saying bcas, we r in service oridented business than products


This afternoon, I had a meeting with someone.

He advised me to get a programming job.

You know, with these kind of knowledge, experience, thinking, I'd suit for 9-5 hours job ?


@noorul you shouldn't laugh about what I am going to say now. I work from 9 to 5:30 now earning and then investing in my business

Wow ... superb, happy journey too.

That's right,
I've learnt that in hard way.

I particularly focuser on development and mostly on disturbtion, marketing, promoting.


I've reason for failure


@noorul we released Quickfix four weeks back. We have got 60 traders right now. But only 12 users so far. Right now trying to market it through usual channels to reach more audience

That's wise step.

After launch, time to marketing.

Primary channels on Online marketing, social media etc ...


I believe you R working the strategies for Online marketing by now ...

I've spent several months on development.

Then spent several months after that in promo etc...
I was lack of team and resource.
Slow as well because of perfecting things 😬

Still I am not changing (or correcting) myself to go with the result rather pursuing the best result


@noorul in business any result is good. Start thinking in this way. because it pushes you to next step.

@noorul you got to realise nothing is perfect. For example it's like asking me if 1 crore is big or 1 billion is big. Both are big money according to most of us..

@noorul resource is critical. Yes. And more than that you need a person who you can talk to, validate your ideas and more of a critic to check if whatever you do makes sense.

I am not resource hungry.

Like founder of Ola cabs, I didn't have proper office.

Mostly, work from homeoffice.
Keeping the running cost to minimal by in house production.


Hmm, not necessary for me to have team for that. Usually, I lead others.

I really can't pull all myself, tolling long hours etc.

With proper team, partnership, entrepreneurs have succeeded


@noorul their success story depends on lot of things and I will be honest. Even where we were born makes difference. So we need to be smarter than being harder instead of toiling our health.

I will check about your website, app soon and we discuss more about it.


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