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BB3 Unseen Clip Day40 (1/8)

Tv they showed mugen singing jus 40sec so i added the whole for sequence and most of the scenes they added in captaincy task tht walking which i didn't add.

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Once again on point supporting 🤗 Everyone has the right to raise their opinion as contestants. The best part is he spoke straight to 's face 💯 The Man of 💥

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Adegappa evaru pesnale actors vijaykanth mari irukumama😂😀parra... enna oru karpanai... I was ROFL when I heard this... And Audience be like

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When Kavin and Sandy said Saravanan was only giving his opinion, Tharshan replied நீங்க opinion கொடுக்கும் போது அவரு(சேரன்) பொத்தீட்டு இருந்தாருல,(implying சரவணனால பொத்தீட்டு இருக்க முடியாதா) and Sandy & Kavin's face changed immediately. 😂😂

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nowadays bodyguards illama veliya varathu illa 🤣😂🤣😂

and always 🤗🤗🤗

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Athalam Seri epa peak la iruntinka 90s kids engaluku terium yaru peak la irntanganu etho thalaivan Prashant sonna niyayam.rendu Padam tan nan ippa varaikum nenga hero nadichu nan pathathu 😜unga kovam Cheran mela Seri ana peak actorlam 😕

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I get a point , y saravanan get angry towards cheran sir

Pengal munnadi avar eppadi sollulam nu - saravanan statement

Still Saravanan not changed , he married 2 women's , age already cross 50 plus still he can't accept insult in front of girl's

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Exact situation 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

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No Drama for Votes
No Sympathy Creation
No Fear of eviction
No Safe Game
No Mixture

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Neenga verum va
Illa va

Periya dash mathiri pesura..

Guess she is the oly one who doesn't know that Kavin n Sakshi were close.. Def outta the three yucks she is the worst..

Ashamed that I supported her b4

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Day 2 😂😂 innum sakshi conclusion nu ku varala 😂😂

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Sandy Master Slipper shot to Loosuliya , Appdi ena avaluku avalo attitude kaatra loosuliya 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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I Know My Ship Sank but this is the cutest vm I've seen today 😍❤️🙌 - credit to the maker

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@vijaytelevision@twitter.com செருப்படி..👏
I think she needs more slaps.. by Dharshan again like d same point out😂☝

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