I wish I get started with fountain pen soon.

I yet to get the ink for it.

@joaopinheiro @noor

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Firefox Reader Mode can override a lot of website's paywalls and article limits.

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Does anyone in my vicinity host a f-droid repo?

official repo usually release new updates once in a while...


I see many failed jobs with sidekiq,

this doesn't happen with Pleroma, right ?


maybe, make an issue on git for Pleroma for import/export...


haha ...

don't drag the lead developer Eugen here ;)

He shouldn't even be given much important, for arising issues

There are number of core developers & contributors working for Mastodon

Pleroma is good for help.
Misskey dev having financial issue nowaday...

Hope she gets stable soon.

@hamjb @fireglow

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Don't worry, everything's fine folks. Climate Change is nothing but a leftist conspiracy.

#climatechange #climatecrirsis #fires #nsw #NSWFIRES

Is Quey.org has full-text-search enabled ?

super admin @snder

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Some personal stats:-
#Birdsite - Joined Apr 2011, 54 follows, 366 followers, 644 tweets, UX "WTF!!"
#Mastodon - Joined Nov 2019, 198 follows, 157 followers, 809 toots, UX "This is addictive"

Thanks @stux @Gargron


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"Yaaro avalo
Ennai theendum kaatrin viralo
Yaaro avalo
Thaalaattum thaayin kuralo

Unna nenachu nenachu
Urugi ponen mezhuga"

Unna Nenachu, Psycho

#Kathal #Kavithai #love

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RT @airnews_hyd@twitter.com

విజయనగరం జిల్లా గిరిజన ప్రాంతాల్లో పండ్లు, పూల తోటలను అంతర్ పంటలు గా సాగు చేస్తూ లాభాలు గడిస్తున్న రైతులు.
Airpics: C N Babu

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