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I'm Ville, from Finland. I'm 25 years old.

I work as a backend developer. I've almost graduated as an engineer in computer science.

My hobbies are programming in C++/C#/Python, music making, messing with embedded devices and linux, looking at cute animal pictures and video games.

I can speak Finnish, English, German and Japanese. I can read Swedish, too.

You can find my music in Soundcloud/Spotify under the same alias as here.

Games I like? Yakuza series, JRPGs.

wanted to take today off as I am feverish but I gotta implement a sms gateway in the backend at work....

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Can't wait to get my new fitness band. The old one got stolen.

I just love the lighting on this tree. I've used it as album art twice.

I wonder what happens to my phone when the US trade ban with Huawei begins.

Probably nothing.

Time to a shower. Then I'll try to fix this annoying gpu issue.

tests used to fail because someone made some dumb firewall rules

How do hedgehog fights even work? The one who is huffing the loudest wins?

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