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I'm Ville, from Finland. I'm 25 years old.

I work as a backend developer. I've almost graduated as an engineer in computer science.

My hobbies are programming in C++/C#/Python, music making, messing with embedded devices and linux, looking at cute animal pictures and video games.

I can speak Finnish, English, German and Japanese. I can read Swedish, too.

You can find my music in Soundcloud/Spotify under the same alias as here.

Games I like? Yakuza series, JRPGs.

Almost done with the platinum trophy for Judgment (Japanese version). Yay.

Guess I'll attempt to sleep for 3 hours since I need to be fresh at work.

Also, due to not signing in, google play services is draining my battery.

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I haven't had a Google account for a long time so my phone asking me to sign in is getting quite irritating.

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Oh and 5) drink less

I drank for like 4 days in row and feel like shit

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Gonna start an self-improvement program.

1) quit smoking
2) bring own cooking to work instead of eating trash from the supermarket
3) pay off debt (due to the money saved in step 1 and 2)
4) start exercising instead of sitting on my ass all day long

I've been off the birdsite lately since my timeline is just US politics 24/7 and I would care less about it.

Need to rethink people I follow there.

Woke up to idiots blasting music with their boomboxes

got an old elitebook off work, guess I'll hackintosh it for the lulz, got some wifi cards at home too

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