Almost done with the platinum trophy for Judgment (Japanese version). Yay.

@hai_senpai Haven't found any, sadly. Maps (on F-Droid) is great for offline maps, though.

Guess I'll attempt to sleep for 3 hours since I need to be fresh at work.

Also, due to not signing in, google play services is draining my battery.

I haven't had a Google account for a long time so my phone asking me to sign in is getting quite irritating.

Oh and 5) drink less

I drank for like 4 days in row and feel like shit

Gonna start an self-improvement program.

1) quit smoking
2) bring own cooking to work instead of eating trash from the supermarket
3) pay off debt (due to the money saved in step 1 and 2)
4) start exercising instead of sitting on my ass all day long

I've been off the birdsite lately since my timeline is just US politics 24/7 and I would care less about it.

Need to rethink people I follow there.

Woke up to idiots blasting music with their boomboxes spoilers 

@Benitox install a virtual machine with OS X, create an install usb stick manually or with unibeast

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