*Eddie approaches the mirror as his arm involuntarily lifts and clenches it's fist*

Venom: PoUnD iT EdDiE, pOunD It!!!

*Eddie fist bumps his other fist*

Venom: LEtS Go gEt SoME ChOCaLAtE aNd tATeR TotS!!!

Ever wonder if you're really you?
Or maybe you're just kinning certain aspects of those you grew up around

*Huffs a line of snow* WOOO!!!!!!!

Cats be like.. it's coming up.. coming up.. coming up... ITS HAIR
*throws up*

@thetruegoat10 *squints eyes inquisitively as I look around at everyone else.. then just stands there*

You absolute noobs with your cat picks.. and claiming your's is the original... This... THIS... is the original pic of cats
and oddly enough, it includes a Mastodon

everyone shut up and post cats, i'll start with the FIRST cat pic ever taken

@piccolo but I'm a bottom and I drink my coffee black.. I never realized I had qualities befitting of a top

@destinyllama not once in my life have I ever considered knots.. I'll look into them though

New product idea!
Anal beads.. but they're lollipops

The theme song for our exodus from Tumblr is "Deliver Us" from the prince of Egypt..
but it's in Content Aware Scale.

This site is just the durndest thing... You log on and everyone's all "HahaAha BONG!"
Log off for a bit.. come back, and everyone is contemplating making some tasteful nudes of Dave the minion...
I wouldn't be surprised if by the end of the day we're all devotees
of the newly founded cult of
Ants In His Eyes Johnson..
All of us tooting, "We.. we hope our prices aren't too low!"
Only for it to be replaced in fifteen minutes with jokes about Sonic on cocaine..
Mastodon is pure anarchic chaos

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