Foreigners are always intriguing. They have different habits, different clothes, they react differently when confronted at situations which are usual for us. They may speak loudly when we don’t, or on the contrary, they may seem too shy to speak when we would elevate our voice. But foreigners are not so different. They are just another version of ourselves, as if we were looking in the mirror.

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From time to time, after a lecture I gave or at the opening of an exhibition, a young photographer would approach me and ask how do I take pictures of people in the street. They wonder how to deal with their feelings, how to face the person you want to shoot (with the camera… of course). They feel insecure, even sometimes ashamed, as if they would steal something, or act in a non ethical way.

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If there is something I never really could understand it is the concept of fashion. I unconsciously links it to beauty, but the more I look around, the more I have to admit there is no relation between the both.
Beauty is an archetypal value. Just like the Truth, the Just, the Good. Those are ideals, perfect values, and thus we can never fully manifest them in our daily life because we are not perfect..

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PhotoSophie - Un livre-album où
photographies et textes se rejoignent pour former une unité d’où émerge un dialogue, une tension entre l’image et le texte.

PhotoSophie sera publié en deux éditions distinctes, chacune incluant deux langages: une édition Français-Espagnol, et une édition Anglais-Hébreu.

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I picked this couple in Seoul, in South-Korea. They obviously are together, one with the arm over the shoulder of the other. But do they act, do they really feel “together” ? The guy comes with a shirt where we can read “You, me”. So I wonder... where is “us” ? Does “us” even exists ? We all evolve in many circles, and those circles are interconnected.

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Paris, place de l’Odéon, the heart of the “Quartier Latin”, the beating heart of Paris between Saint-Germain and Saint-Michel. A lot of people, young people, students. We are close to the Sorbonne and not far from Jussieu, two of the main universities in Paris. A lot of restaurants and coffee-bars are open late in this month of august...

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Does appearance lies ? Yes, of course it does. In this image the guy seems to sit between two wagons, when in reality he sits at the dock, in front of the train, and the camera captured a reflection.
Appearance lies, and sometimes it just hits you by surprise. Sometimes you think you know somebody, you know this person since years, and suddenly you discover that the only thing you knew was a mask, an appearance.

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We sometimes hear people saying something like “I’ll believe it when I’ll see it”. But does seeing something proves that this thing is real? If we consider this photograph, the image exist, we see it, and it was not manipulated by any digital software other than processing it in black and white. What is seen is what the lens of my Leica captured, but is it real? Is it an illusion?...

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Seeing all those locks on a bridge in Graz, Austria, reminded me one of Joe Cocker’s songs: “Unchain my heart”. Those locks are set in this bridge by lovers, as a nice and romantic symbol of attachment, one to the other. They mean to say something like “our love is so strong that our link will always stand”. Two hearts …. chained one to the other....

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Those are not the only two possible options, most of us are either alone or in couple. And many of us experiment both states, living alone, then in couple, then alone again, etc…
Each state has advantages and inconveniences: being alone allow us to live according to our will and desires, without the need to adapt and compromise to the needs of somebody else....

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This is a photography of the public lifts at the Beaubourg Museum of Modern Art in Paris. Some lifts are empty, others are not.
When we use a lift we are moving in and out, up and down, we all have our own story, our specific path, and usually we are not paying attention to what occurs in the others lifts. ...

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Does appearance matter ? Yes, of course it does. Appearance is the visible expression of a deeper and invisible reality. How we appear is a way to manifest and share our state of mind, our feelings and our ideas. The clothes we choose to wear take a great part in the construction of the image of ourselfs that we build for others to see. Our appearance is never neutral...

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Some of us often lack to pay attention to details, especially when we deal with doing something we don’t like. We tend – consciously or not – to escape the task as soon as possible, thus when we are almost done, we hear a silent voice telling us that “it’s enough”, and we pass over to something else. But in this case we usually miss something: the finish, the details….

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At some event during the spring of 2018 Melanie Trump wear a coat with the words “I don’t care” printed on it. I don’t pretend to interpret this. Maybe she was even not conscious of the buzz wearing this coat would provoke. Maybe she wanted to transmit a message, but in which way ? Does it means that she doesn’t care for what the actual resident of the White House decides ? ...

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Belleville is still one of those neighborhood in Paris where you can feel “at home”, where people talk to each other, where you won’t feel alone even in the middle of a crowd.
It is the heart of the popular Paris, the one singed by Edith Piaf and Charles Trénet. Close to the cemetery of the “Père-Lachaise”...

Full text here: photos-art.org/village-life/

I am very fond of this photograph from the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary. There is a wall and a bridge in the picture. The wall is like a barrier, whereas the bridge allows us to cross, to reach the “other side”.

Who or what would be the figure that's looking across, to the other side, with a child in her arms? ...

Full text here: photos-art.org/a-bridge-to-cro

Looking at this photo, I feel that we are too often like this child, waiting passively for something to happen, while not being conscious that the dark clouds are gathering and the clock is ticking.

Would we have enough time the grow? Would we have enough time to make a difference before the storm comes?...

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On the back of this guy is written in french “ EST ENSEMBLE”, which literal translation is “ are together”, but which real meaning would be more “ stand together”. This written in the manner of a social network hashtag, so to be shared with others....

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I have post a first toot without hastags... learning. Happy to be here. I am a street-photographer, a philosopher. Wrote a few books about Art, philosophy, politic. Some exhibitions in various countries (see my website at www.photos-art.org).
Live in Israel where I founded 32 years ago a school of philosophy. Travel a lot. I basically post a toot a week, duplicating my blog: one photo and a text, but I plan to toot more ... old posts, but also thoughts, ideas... life. 👍

My very first toot... let see how it goes. The photograph is called Encounter at the Museum.

I captured this scene at the British Museum, in London. Two women were resting for a moment during their visit of the Egyptian section, facing four statues of Sekhmet, one of the most known Egyptian Goddess....

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