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I haven't opened this in a year. Lets hope its not a box of decay.

I love the colour orange, it reminds me of my girlfriend uwu

Emojis are cute and fun. Fuck everyone who tried to get me to not use them.

Sweeping upstairs is an easy job but the dust makes me sneeze every time =.=

I'm supposed to be meeting a fellow trans guy today! We're going to a gaming place. Hope he likes minecraft.

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Hello friends and not-friends-but-will-be!

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I'm gonna end up with chocolate all over me so I'm gonna change into my pyjamas so I don't get my hoodie dirty the day I bought it.

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Mastodon Tips 

Privacy and Mastodon!

Remember, that anything you post to Mastodon, including private posts and DMs, is technically visible to the admins of your instance and the instances of people you tag in those posts.

It's not that there's an easy page to view the toots. Just that it's there for someone that wants to dig into the database enough to find them.

Be cautious not to share sensitive information!

Hopefully I dont completely spam this place out, but I do like posting frequently then not at all so we'll see 💜😹

[opens quey on phone AND laptop so I hear 2 notifications]

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minecraft sewvew :3

🐝 wormytowny.aternos.me
🐝 java 1.13.2
🐝 rules:
🐝 dont be mean and
🐝 dont destroy other ppls things
🐝 its also a towny server u join a town or ??????????????? make ur own
:sm64_u: :sm64_w: :sm64_u:

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