Anyone know a nice combo of and apps for reading that can sync via ?

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The corporate overlords at Google are flexing their dystopian powers and removing all Danish music from YouTube, because the corporation refuses to come to a fair agreement on paying Nordic songwriters

Its conditions are: accept our pennies or be censored

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Just stumbled across Erik and Martin Demaine's 'mathematical and puzzle fonts/typefaces' collection, delightful:

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Ripe bananas glow blue in ultraviolet light.

Like many fruit, unripe bananas are green because they're still full of chlorophyll. In bananas, that chlorophyll breaks down into a UV reactive pigment.

Some birds and insects are tetrachromats, and can see UV light. To them, bananas which are ripe and ready to eat are super obvious, and easy to see from the air.

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long post 

Interesting thought: many FOSS projects' leadership are often a very ephemeral concept defined by the list of people who currently have a vested interest in the project being maintained. Contributors swing by when they need something changed, and the maintainers review it if and when they have the time and need. If a contributor sticks around, shows some competence and earns some trust, then it's an easy task to make them a maintainer. It's also very easy to quit being a maintainer, just stop doing it as it stops being in your interest to be involved. A maintainer often needn't actually be a contributor, too. And if a contributor comes by wanting to make some changes, but there are no maintainers, it's a simple matter to fork the repo - and as more people come by the project and find the fork, it gradually replaces the original project, and everyone is happy. Sometimes the original maintainers become contributors to the new project.

Some people view this as a sign that a project is on life support, but I think this is a very healthy lifecycle for a project. Many of my own projects exhibit this behavior. With sway & wlroots, I'm hardly involved at all these days, just making the rare executive decisions when they need making, but the project is still chugging along thanks to the work of those who still have a vested interest in improving it. scdoc is "done", but I still use it and want it to remain simple, so I review patches from the occasional contributor but write effective no new code for it myself. Sourcehut on the other hand is still 99% written by me, but receives frequent contributions from all kinds, and some subsystems are maintained by !me. And I have basically nothing to do with aerc today, but it's still receiving new features all the time.

Taking a very flexible, informal approach to governance has been pretty rewarding in my experience.

Getting online ads for electronic shavers.

Who has been snooping on my video calls?

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Up late working on a complete FOSS and web-based teaching environment for RISC-V assembly called RAWRS. It uses a WebAssembly build of GNU binutils and TinyEMU which has a tty and VGA device lol. I wrote the kernel in RISCV as well which the students can inspect. Should be good.

Programming is sometimes like playing twister.

Sure, you can probably pull off that weird hack work to implement that new feature, but it'll make everything harder next round.

(pic from )

Turns out the elliptic arc support I contributed to inkcut (vinyl cutter software) earlier wasn't quite correct for non-90⁰ arcs... fixed it though!

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shit! fuck!!!! if you make a webring of sites that are only accessible through tor, that's an onion ring!!!!!!

My partner wanted to export slides to PNG (to embed them in a video).

Unfortunately, they would be exported at only 1280x720.

To set a higher resolution, we had to.... add a value to the Windows Registry

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It's a #NetlabelDay! #Kamizdat proudly presents 20 unreleased tracks from #slovenia: "Access Frame: Equity".

Compilation series tries to establish a practice of thinking critically about access to, and distribution of, art. It poses a question: what is the frame through which we are allowed, and able, to access culture? How is it created, by whom, and can such frame of access be modified and transgressed?


The "measure distance" tool in was surprisingly easy to use!

Went for a nice 5.89km run yesterday ;)

Is there a way to see all things I recently favourite'd?

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Helping out a local makerspace with the @ubuntu machine they use to drive their vinyl cutter.

After an upgrade the boot would get stuck. Couldn't get into GRUB (I think it misdetected the video card?) nor switch to a text terminal during boot(?). Ended up reinstalling.

In retrospect I think we should use the 'immutable infrastructure' principles here: instead of maintaining and upgrading the machine, generate a new disk from configuration with the new version/configuration. Doesn't work? Just plop in the old disk again while diagnosing what was wrong with the new one. Version control the config.

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FOSS/proprietary moaning, Android 

Our app is entirely Open Source! See for yourself: all our code on Github is under a FOSS license.

*Proceeds to statically link against proprietary libraries and include these into the deliverable binary*

*Calls the result an Open Source app*

--Signed, Way Too Many "Open Source" Android Developers

#Android #FOSS #OpenSource #Ethics

I'd like to import issues, PR's and build failures for a largish project to one place, to have a better overview and better search.

Any existing projects I should be looking at, rather than starting a bespoke tool?

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