Shopping for a bluetooth speaker - does not need to be portable but it seems most good options are.

Lack of a microphone would be a feature, not a limitation.

The UE Megaboom 3 seems like an attractive option: I like how in powersave mode you can still wake it up via BLE.

A couple of years ago I backed the that aimed to produce a 360° camera.

It was a success: they managed to ship the devices and it's a fun gadget.

Unfortunately, the company now seems defunct, and the app refuses to start unless you give it permission to make and manage phonecalls(?).

Luckily the device is usable without the app/wifi feature, but still, meh. Perhaps I should look into reverse-engineering the app.

Another reminder to prefer open platforms.

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OK everybody, we have just 2 days to raise $17k. We have no marketing or campaigns staff @conservancy so we count on you to spread the word. Please help!!

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so, um

anyone else had this situation

you're lured to an illicit evening trying something you tend to avoid ("OpenGL"), it passes in a haze

then eight years later a grown-up repo arrives on your doorstep, calls you Daddy and asks to move back in


all advice welcome

(as @qdot said elsewhere, "It's a bit odd to be 82230 commits out of sync" is a beautiful phrase)

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yeah, floating-point bugs are a pain, but that kind of problem rarely happens in real life

if it does, just patch it to a double or something, easy fix

(thanks for sending me this, !)

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Re: actix-web maintainership crisis 

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#Repology is a neat tool to find out what version of an application various #linux distro's are carrying. Hopefully with Notion 4, when we go back from the exotic Ion license to plain #LGPL, we'll do a lot better there again!

It would be pretty neat if any of the video editing apps for linux would support YouTube cards and end screens.

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I really like how, in the GitHub 'Blame' UI, there is the 'view blame prior to this change' button.

With that you can quickly navigate to the commit that made the change you're interested in, 'skipping over' other changes to the same code.

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My first CNC project - the plan is to create a namesign out of wood on the CNC mill at @hack42 - but for now the pen drawing is already nice progress!

Alarmio is a pretty neat alarm app - it even supports waking you up with internet radio!

Some takeaways from :

- Why are we still writing code in memory-unsafe languages :(
- Some people are amazing at reverse engineering
- Some people are amazing at exploiting
- Why are we still writing code in memory-unsafe languages :(

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Anthony James' work with mirrors is amazing. On the surface, the premise is simple: opposing 2-way mirrors in various angles or set parallel, but the effect and execution is incredible

Especially the portals series

#Art #ConceptArt

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capitals yelling & swearing (well justified) 

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Hello, I’m the reel2bits project developper, a #FOSS self-hostable #soundcloud like with #ActivityPub federation.

It’s written in python/flask/vuejs and I need help because of health issues I’m unable to work a lot on it anymore, if you are interested to help me on some of the issues and more specially the ActivityPub part, you can contact me through:

the project matrix channel
the issue tracker
this account

boosts appreciated, thanks.

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After a week of summit and another week of further working on it, I finally got all the #MirageOS unikernel I use to be reproducible (+ tooling to evaluate reproducibility of opam/#OCaml packages). (NB this is still WIP since some information is missing in the to-be-reproduced information (CPU features, host system package information, ..). This is in a much better shape than 2.5 weeks ago, and I'm pretty confident to ship binaries soon. In 2020 it's reckless to ship non-reproducible binaries :)

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I’m still pretty surprised that we have all those alternative firmwares for phones, printers, cameras, whatever, but not for the “smart” TVs, that would actually need them (and could benefit a lot, imagine how nice it would be to just load kodi directly on there)

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