Noticed my NVMe disk isn't recognized on 5.9.0-rc2 (it was fine on 5.8), so bisecting to find out where the problem was introduced.

Hopefully I can help pin down the problem and it can be fixed before 5.9.0, so most 'regular' users will never see the problem!

makes it really easy to try different versions (though it takes a while), which was exactly the reason I started using it. Glad to see that pay off.

@uniq yeah! what I found especially cool is that no 'super hacker skills' were needed to pinpoint where the problem was introduced, just 'basic' and skills were sufficient.

The (slightly anti-climactic) result is that I found the first failing commit (, and from that also found an existing patch ([email protected]) that was already merged to master (but didn't make for 5.9.0-rc2).

So I should've checked master first ;).

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