If you want to contribute to any project that I've been involved in, let me know and I'll try to get the opt-in for arranged.

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@raboof what do you have around?
I may be interested on collaboration.

@ekaitz_zarraga I don't have anything in particular in mind, but some options:

- nethogs, a small network monitoring utility in C. I've been getting some reports that it might be under-reporting, would be interesting if someone could diagnose that. github.com/raboof/nethogs/

- notion, a tiling window manager in C and Lua - I have some scenario's with workspaces and adding/removing monitors that could use some love github.com/raboof/notion

- mastodon-bot, a clojurescript application by @yogthos that can forward tweets to mastodon, is missing some features that I'd love to have github.com/yogthos/mastodon-bo

- chatbot-dialogue, a Rust script that lets chatbots talk among themselves, needs some loop detection logic git.sr.ht/~raboof/chatbot-dial

- I want to write a webserver in micropython to run it on an ESP32 and drive a relay. I have this sort of working in C, but this sometimes stops working and I'm having a hard time getting diagnostics on why, so using micropython and putting some diagnostics on an eink display hopefully helps there. Would also be open to improving the diagnostics for the C code, but not sure where to start :).

- akka, a library for concurrent and distributed programming written in Scala (targeting both Java and Scala) is my day-job, so happy to help out with anything there github.com/akka/akka

- Anything around making music on Linux I'd be happy to help out with linuxmusicians.com

- I made a browser ear training app in Elm, pitch.bzzt.net - happy to collaborate on improving that

- ... but usually the best way to contribute is to start on a project that you'd actually want to use yourself ;). What are your interests?

@raboof I may be interested in taking part in the first too.

I'll take a look to them.

My interests are soooo hard to define nowadays... I'm just a random guy.

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