You'd think with social distancing and avoiding crowds there'd be more time to keep in shape - I'd like to use my lunch break for some a couple of times per week but so far I haven't managed to turn this into a habit.

Let's try this: I'll post my progress here, which gives me an opportunity to brag and hopefully make me embarrassed when I'm not going out enough :).

Today: 5.89km in 38:48, so ~9.1kph. Now to make line go up!

re: running 

Today felt faster, but wasn't: 5.89km in 38:44, so ~9.1kph

Kinda chilly, but still happy I chose to wear only a tshirt, that was sufficient.

Still falling into the trap of doing the first ~1km too fast before falling back to a more sustainable pace. Pretty happy with how I pushed through after that though.

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